March 28, 2015
Richard Mack Still Refuses To Buy Obamacare Insurance, Begs For More Money To Cover Medical Bills

Richard Mack, the former Arizona sheriff who gained national fame as a highly vocal opponent of what he calls the "socialist" health care law known as Obamacare, made news again in February when after suffering a serious heart attack he found himself unable to pay his staggering medical bills — because he had no health insurance.

Mack's wife also suffered a series of health setbacks late last year — and, of course, has no health insurance either.

Rather than purchase a health care plan from the Obamacare exchange, Mack went online to beg strangers for $30,000. The Inquisitr covered their plight last month, in the story at this link.

Amazingly, Mack met his funding goal, largely due to donations from people who told the sheriff they disagreed with his refusal to buy his own insurance, but were giving him money anyway because, as one donor wrote, "No one's life should be ruined by health care bills."

Since then, we've learned two things for sure about Richard Mack. He still refuses to buy insurance because he hates Obamacare — and he's back to plead with strangers to give him even more money.

"Let's go again!! The goal of this GoFundMe is to help Sheriff Mack and his wife pay all of their hospital and medical recovery bills and basic living expenses for a few months so that they can return to service stronger than ever," his GoFundMe page says.

"We are all grateful for each person who helped reach and exceed the first milestone of $30k. Let's go to second base … on to 60. Thank you so much!"
But what did Mack think about the large number of his ideological opponents donating their own hard-earned cash to his cause?

Not surprisingly, many believed, as one donor phrased it, "turning around and BEGGING FOR MONEY to pay for your health recovery, AFTER YOU staunchly tried to OBSTRUCT the ACA, is APPALLING, REPREHENSIBLE, AND OBSCENE!!! [sic]"

Mack, in a recent interview, appeared amused by what he called the "lectures" he received from those generous enough to help him with his health care crisis, even if they believed he brought his troubles in himself.

"It's almost like 'Go to, help Sheriff Mack, and you can tell this conservative creep off if you just donate five dollars or more.' " Mack remarked.
Mack also continues to refuse to participate in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

"I don't care what you call it, it's a socialistic program that I totally disagreed with and still do," Mack said. "If I had the right to choose for myself, then it would be different. But government forcing me and forcing the rest of the country to compassionate — compassion and charity does not come at the end of a gun from the IRS. [sic]"

Of course, Richard Mack did have the right to choose for himself, choosing not to purchase health insurance through Obamacare and as a result, going online to ask others to send him money.

[Image: YouTube Screen Grab]