March 28, 2015
Nebraska Senator Who Compared Cops To Terrorists: ‘My ISIS Is The Police’

An African-American Senator from Nebraska who openly compared American cops to ISIS is refusing to apologize for his comments, despite the outrage and offense he has caused.

State senator Ernie Chambers, 77, who is renowned for his liberal political stance, made his comments while speaking recently at Nebraska's unicameral capitol building, proclaiming, "My ISIS is the police."

At the time when Chambers made his comments, the chamber was debating a bill which would allow concealed arms to be held in bars, and that is the time the senator chose to make the curious comparison.

The senator who sponsored the said bill, Tommy Garrett, said that the legislation was necessary in order to fight terrorism.

To that, Chambers said, "Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do daily. The police are licensed to kill us. My home is not threatened by ISIS, mine is threatened by the police."

Chambers made it loud and clear that he has seen numerous instances of police brutality against black people, whilst claiming that he himself was not a violent person, he said, "If I carried a gun, I would want to shoot [a police officer] first and then ask questions later like they say the cop ought to do."

While State senator David Schnoor called for Chambers to resign, other legislators said they would ask him for an apology, daily.

At the same time, the U.S. rep for Nebraska, Jeff Fortenberry, called for Chambers to be censured for his comments, saying, "condoning violence against police is reckless and contradicts the sacred duty of a lawmaker to protect society."

Despite the calls to resign, Chambers said he stood by his comments, and meant them wholeheartedly, "I meant what I said and I said what I meant. I'm not going to resign. I'm not going to apologize."

Chambers first made a name for himself in Nebraska, when he called for mountain lion hunting to be banned.

He also made it to the news headlines earlier this year when he claimed that all white people are racist.

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