Swingers Party Raided By Masked Gang Sending Naked Revelers Into The Streets

A renowned swingers club in Highgate in Britain was reportedly raided by a gang of masked men who threw revelers out onto the streets naked.

Three men allegedly entered the club, called the Tudor Lounge, at around 9:30 on Wednesday night, punching one man to the ground and pushing a woman into a timber frame.

The gang, who didn’t appear to be armed at the time of the raid, left the club empty handed, but not before causing a lot of people a lot of embarrassment.

A local resident, who wished to remain nameless, told reporters that the raid comes as no surprise, as many locals feel the club is attracting criminal elements to the town.

The local said as follows.

“Residents feel the club is potentially attracting a criminal element to the area. It’s not what people had in mind when they settled here. We feel the planning application for a private members’ club was a very clever one in that those who even knew about it did not realise it would be a swingers’ club. It seems to be busy most nights and Saturday night particularly so.”

The nightclub itself, which is situated in a listed building, has a number of intimate bedrooms, Jacuzzis, and other areas where swingers can play.

Nevertheless, the recent raid has prompted locals once again to question the value of having the club on their doorsteps, especially as it seems to attracts criminals as well as swingers.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the West Midlands Police, who was contacted by reporters, said as follows.

“Police are investigating after masked raiders gained entry to a private function at the Tudor Lounge Club in Stratford Place, Highgate, Three men wearing ski masks were seen in the corridor. One man, aged 53, was punched in the head, resulting in him falling to the floor. Police inquiries are on-going into the incident. No arrests have been made at this stage.”

As such, the police are still investigating the incident at the swingers club, although no arrests have yet been made, despite the cops’ best efforts so far to apprehend the masked gang.

[Image credit: Dailystar.com]