Baby Born With Stomach The Size Of A Football Makes Dramatic Recovery

When baby Miles was born with a stomach the size of a football, his mother, 28-year-old Stacey Skinner from Norwich in the U.K., wasn’t sure he would even survive, as doctors had advised her.

The very rare condition suffered by Miles, known as chylous ascites, meant that his stomach puffed out to the size of a football while he grew in the womb and after he was born.

At the time, doctors told the expectant mother that her baby would be so ill when born that he may not survive the birth, a prognosis which devastated the Skinners.

Fortunately for the family, despite his dramatic start to life, Miles is doing well as he approaches 10 months old and is at home with the family.

As his mother told reporters,

“I had a perfect pregnancy and everything seemed normal until our 4D scan at 28 weeks revealed something was terribly wrong. Everyone in the room suddenly went silent when we saw how large my baby’s stomach was. It was so large — he was swollen like a football. At the birth doctors had to drain 400ml of fluid from his stomach before they could remove him by C-section.”

Skinner recalled how she felt when she saw her baby growing inside her during an ultrasound, “Seeing Miles on the scan was supposed to be a joyful moment but instead it was so horrendous that I couldn’t help but cry.”

Despite her tears, while Miles spent the first few months of his life in hospital, the brave baby finally made it home, even though his diet is highly restrictive.

Skinner explained that Miles cannot drink milk or any other foods which are usually given to babies and only eats some chicken, egg whites and vegetables.

Mrs Skinner said, “We are hoping he outgrows his cow protein allergy and that he’ll someday be able to eat a normal diet.”

While life for the Skinners has some semblance or normality now, Mrs Skinner spoke about the struggle the family have faced and thanked the hospital staff who have worked tirelessly on his behalf,

“I spent so long in the hospital that I made great friends with the nurses and doctors who were all so supportive. We can’t thank them all enough for what they did to save Miles,” she said.

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