Dieting And Regular Exercise As Effective As Weight Loss Surgery, Expert Claims

According to UCLA’s Dr Robert Huizenga, a good diet and exercising for four hours per day is preferable and as effective as weight loss surgery, and certainly a whole lot safer.

Dr Huizenga claims that his extreme diet and exercise regime is far better than traditional bariatric surgery as a way of losing weight and living a healthy life.

As the weight loss expert told reporters from the Daily Mail,

“Bariatric surgery results in massive loss, but it has disadvantages. For every 1,000 people who have the operation there are deaths. You will be losing fat-free mass, you will be losing water weight and you will lose more muscle mass. It’s associated with thinning of the bones, there are higher levels of psychological problems like suicide. And most people don’t know bariatric surgery is not categorically successfully. A fifth of patients who come to us after the surgery come in having not lost any weight and having gained weight afterwards.”

There are of course many critics of the regime, who point out that most people simply don’t have the time or wherewithal to exercise for four hours a day, every day.

Nevertheless, for Dr Huizenga, obese people need to stop making excuses and get back to health, “People watch TV four or six hours or day, so they do have time to exercise,” he said.

While critics claim that Dr Huizenga’s plan is actually dangerous and can lead to a decline in person’s metabolism, he said, “It’s a false victory that the Biggest Loser group with more muscle didn’t have a faster metabolism.”

Huizenga added, “We’ve had injuries where they can’t walk or run. We put them on a bike. We’ve never had an injury which prevented the person losing weight the next week. We’ve never had an injury last longer than a month.”

And there’s little denying that Dr Huizenga does make a good point, at least as far as conventional weight loss surgery is concerned, as he said,

“Surgery is such a money leader, why would they stand in the way of their livelihood? The structure of healthcare in the country needs to be changed so that alternatives are explored.”

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