March 30, 2015
Jordan Britten Found Dead: 20-Year-Old Missing College Student's Cause Of Death 'Suspicious'

Three days after Texas college student Jordan Britten went missing, police found him dead. Investigators in South Padre Island, a popular destination for spring breakers, discovered the corpse of the missing college student in a marsh. Drugs were found in the 20-year-old's vehicle, but the cause of death at this time is peculiar, according to information sourced from New York Daily News.

Thursday, after the public joined in the search for Jordan, the ending resulted in tragedy many feared. A spokesperson confirmed that Britten's remains were found.

"The body of Jordan Britten has been found this morning in a marshy area near Schlitterbahn [Resort]."
Jordan's lifeless body was found a short distance away from where he was last seen. Reportedly, the Central Texas College student disappeared at a concert near the water park where his dead body was found. Friends returned from spring break without Britten and his mother reported his disappearance.A large search party that consisted of K-9 dogs, several law enforcement agencies, volunteers, air and land teams was assembled. Hours later, Jordan was located in the swamp; his body was partially concealed by cattails and foliage.

When police found Jordan Britten's dead body, he was nearly naked and was only clothed in his underwear. Inside his vehicle, police reportedly found evidence of marijuana and ecstasy pills. No connection between the narcotics and the missing student's death has been established, but police are looking at all angles, according to Adrian Rodriguez.

"A healthy 20-year-old doesn't just wander off into the marsh and die, so we are investigating all possibilities."
A Help Find Jordan Britten community page on Facebook was set up shortly after he went missing. Then, it doubled as an obituary for the fallen student.

Some suggestions of how he died involve possibly getting lost. Friends on the social media site say Jordan, who left from the concert for reasons unknown, may have gotten confused in the marsh because he took an alternate route on his return to the concert. Rodriguez said it's one angle police are investigating.

"Maybe he was trying to get through the marsh and trying to get back in through the back (of the Schlitterbahn park)."
By all accounts, Jordan Britten had a strong network of friends and family. The missing college student aspired to be an aviator, based on his studies at Texas College. He worked at the Olive Garden restaurant in Killeen to help pay his way through school.

Police are still probing for a definitive cause of death.

[Photo: Facebook via Breitbart]