Noah Thomas Death: After Virginia Boy Found In Septic Tank, Police Ask Public To Disregard Rumors

The body of Virginia boy Noah Thomas was found in a septic tank near his home this week, but police are urging the community to disregard rumors and let them complete an investigation before pointing fingers.

Noah was last seen on Sunday by his mother, who said she took a nap with her baby while Noah was watching cartoons and woke up to find him missing. Hundreds of volunteers and police in his community of Dublin, Virginia, turned out to search for the boy, and on Thursday his body was found in a septic tank.

Pulaski County Sheriff Jim Davis said an investigation into the boy’s death is ongoing, and asked the public not to give in to the rampant speculation regarding the case.

Much of that speculation is being fueled by the boy’s own family. His aunt and uncle, Katherine Ide and Jason Thomas, said at a news conference that they believe foul play was involved.

“You don’t get into a septic tank by accident. Someone’s going to pay,” Thomas said.

The case is causing quite a stir in the community as well, and spawned what appeared to be a disgusting viral Facebook message. A man in the community reportedly posted that the young boy “deserved what he got.”

The message came from a page identified to David Viers, a man from Christiansburg, but he denies writing it. Instead, David claims that his page was hacked.

“I’m very upset and appalled at the whole situation that’s going on and it’s escalated like this because of somebody trying to get their jollies and laugh behind my back,” Viers told ABC 13.

Viers said the message came from an old account, one that he believes was taken over by his ex-girlfriend and a friend. During the interview with ABC, Viers fielded angry calls from strangers over the comment.

“Are you the person that’s been saying [expletive] about Noah?” asked one woman.

“I was not talking anything about Noah ma’am,” answered Viers. “I would just like to explain to you that I have not said anything negative or about him at all.”

Viers later said, “I apologize for all the bad that you’ve had to go through for this. And I wish there was a way that I could stop this in general and I’m in the process of talking to people to stop it and I’m hoping my efforts don’t go un–un–unfulfilled you know?”

Police still have not filed any charged related to the Virginia boy found in the septic tank.

[Photo via Twitter]