Tormented Rottweiler Terrorizes School Streets After Fight

A Rottweiler has been terrorizing a community for days while police have been on the search. Area residents are warned of “fighting wounds” and his danger.

The dog is alleged to be a Rottweiler. Police authorities mention that it’s in and around the areas of Porthcawl, a South Wales borough of Bridgend. As recorded by Wales News Online, a spokesperson from the local police department states as follows.

“At the moment it is still on the loose. Officers are still searching for it. The last sighting was down by the nature reserve. Officers have been down there with representatives from the local authority.”

While the Rottweiler’s still roaming the community, according to witnesses of the area, it has sustained heavy injuries. The consensus seems to state that the dog’s wounds resemble those from extensive fighting.

One key witness, James Farmer, says that it looked as if had been used as a fight dog, had lost, and was let go. He watched as the abused Rottweiler was abandoned from a black, BMW-X5 vehicle.

“A black, BMW pulled up. The rear door opened. I thought the dog jumped out but then I noticed hands behind it, open-palmed. They pushed it out. The door was shut and it drove off. I couldn’t see anyone in it – it had blacked-out windows – and the rear number plate had black over it, so I couldn’t see what was on the plate. I couldn’t tell what the dog was initially but it came at us like a missile.

It leaped at me. It missed – it wasn’t me getting out of the way, it missed. I picked up my dog by the scruff of his neck and had to throw him over the wall which was next to us and I jumped over it following him. Thankfully, because I believe the dog could have got over it but it didn’t, it just spent its time trying to chew through the fence.

At which point, I noticed that its right ear is missing. Its right jowl lip was missing, most of its left leg was down to the bone and its tail was in half. We ran off. We got out of the field.”

Afterwards, the man felt compassion for the Rottweiler and his injuries. The next day, he attempted to find it in order to get the dog treatment. James did find the Rottie by Kenfig Pool. However, it didn’t exactly work out in his favor. Farmer recalls the encounter as follows.

“The dog has now collapsed. Most of his right back leg is missing, but he is still capable [of hurting someone]. I tried to put a lead on him, and he chased me. I had to run into the pool to get away from him.”

So, with the Rottweiler getting away, the search is still being conducted and residents are still being advised to be cautious.

You can see the video interview here.

What are your thoughts on the Rottie’s condition? Not all Rottweilers are aggressive like this one. What type of environment do you think this one endured? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: YouTube]