‘Dominion’ Spoilers: Syfy Series Adding Multiple New Characters This Season

Season 2 of Syfy’s breakout original series Dominion has started production of 13 episodes in Cape Town, South Africa, and the network announced the addition of several new characters coming this season in a press release. The latest recurring characters on Dominion will be played by five additional actors to the series: Nic Bishop, Simon Merrells, Christina Chong, Olivia Mace, and Luke Tyler.

Nic Bishop (Covert Affairs) will play a character named Gates, a “brilliant but troubled military genius” who played a part in building Vega (the city formerly known as Las Vegas) into the stronghold it has become today. On this season of Dominion, Simon Merrells (Spartacus: War of the Damned) will play the leader of New Delphi, named Julian. Syfy describes his character as a man with a questionable past and equally questionable motives, but a leader who will do whatever it takes to protect his city on Dominion.

Luke Tyler (Chronicle) plays teenager Pete in this post-war apocalyptic world of Dominion. As someone who grew up in the post-war world, Pete has unwavering optimism in the face of the harsh times since the angel war, with no memories of the peace beforehand.

Dominion added two new female cast members, including Christina Chong (24: Live Another Day) as Zoe, who is a member of the rebel faction who has defected from Vega’s Archangel Corps. Zoe comes from the humble beginnings of the poor who dwell in the tunnels of the city.

The other new female cast member to Dominion, Olivia Mace (Doctors), will play Laurel, the strong leader of a group of survivors from a small southern town who have kept themselves insulated from the fallout of The Extermination War.

Dominion is based on characters from the hit theatrical film Legion, but Dominion is set in a post-apocalyptic future, 25 years after the war of angels against mankind in the film. The series follows Alex (Christopher Egan), the “Chosen One” who must fight the angels trying to destroy mankind and save Vega.

In the upcoming season of Dominion, humanity continues fighting archangel Gabriel (Carl Buekes) and his angelic army. Alex travels to the cryptic city of New Delphi to try to form an alliance with its leader. Vega faces a civil war between two factions, led by Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee) and David Whele (Anthony Stewart Head). With so few cities left at all, Michael (Tom Wisdom) finds a small haven in Mallory, a town that seems untouched by the war.

Season 2 of Dominion is set to premiere on Syfy this summer. Dominion’s first season premiered last summer, ranking as cable TV’s top scripted program in its time slot for the 18-49 and 25-54 age groups.

Returning from Dominion’s first season are stars Egan, Wisdom, McKee, Head, Luke Allen-Gale (The Borgias) and Shavani Ghai (EastEnders).

Executive producers include Vaun Wilmott, who also serves as showrunner, Deran Sarafian, Todd Harthan, Scott Stewart, who co-wrote and directed Legion, and David Lancaster of Bold Films who produced Legion.

[Photo by: Ilze Kitshoff/Syfy]