Is This Real? Baby Born With Two Horns In Nigeria

Photos have appeared in the Nigerian media of a deformed baby born with two horns. Some media outlets compare the child to a frog for its strange appearance. A Nigerian newspaper investigated and reported on the story.

A woman reportedly gave birth to the baby in a maternity center in Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria, and at first the story of the child was apparently kept a secret.

The Nigerian Tribune investigated the story and obtained a photo of the child. At first, when the newspaper tried to verify the story, they hit a blank wall, but eventually the person in charge of the maternity clinic confirmed the story on condition of anonymity.

Apparently, the woman who gave birth to the child was “about 25 years old and she has been without a child for three years.”

She went on to tell the reporter that the woman, who registered for antenatal care at the center, lives in a farm settlement on the outskirts of Ilesa. When she was ready to give birth, her relatives rushed her to the maternity center.

“But we were shocked to the marrow when she eventually delivered the baby with two horns on the head after going into labor for some hours. By the time she was delivered of the baby, it was already dead and we had to separate it from the placenta.”

The matron of the center said she had “never seen such a terrible creature” in her life. Apparently, nursing staff helped the woman and her relatives pack the dead baby and placenta before they left the center. It was a sad day, indeed.

“This is not something we can celebrate. So, I ordered by nurses and other attendants to keep their mouth shut over the incident. But, I am very surprised how you people got to know about it and came here to inquire about it. I do not want anyone to make something unnecessary out of this or create problems for us here.”

The woman refused to give details of the whereabouts of the mother who gave birth to the baby with two horns, but she did confirm that the photos the newspaper had received were real.

Another Nigerian news service, Gistmania, states that from the photos, it is possible the baby suffered from a type of crouzon syndrome. This is reportedly an autosomal dominant genetic disorder also known as a branchial arch syndrome.

Because the branchial arches are such important developmental features in a growing embryo, any disturbance of this nature causes widespread effects in the appearance of the baby.

This genetic disorder apparently occurs in 1.6 out of every 100,000 people. The image included here is of another patient with the disorder, affected in a different way. The photo was taken in 1912 by Octave Crouzon, who is named for the syndrome.

In similar news, the Inquisitr recently reported on the case of the “spider baby,” a child born with four hands and four legs which is fighting for survival in China.

[Images: Baby born with two horns – fair use from Twitter. Patient with Crouzon syndrome, in the public domain by Octave Crouzon]