'All Will Know My Name And Remember It': Germanwings Co-Pilot's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is suspected of deliberately crashing a Germanwings airliner into the French Alps, killing all 150 people aboard in a horrific murder-suicide. The pilot's ex-girlfriend is now speaking out about his strange behavior and prophecy of doing something that would ensure that "all would know his name and remember it." The girlfriend said she had no idea what Lubitz was talking about; however, now she says it all makes sense.

WGNTV reports that the Germanwings pilot had a troubled past that included prophetic statements to an ex-girlfriend about the crash. The ex-girlfriend, who says she dated Lubitz last year, says that the pilot was erratic and tormented. The girlfriend was a flight attendant for Germanwings and says the couple spent a number of nights together in hotels after flights. The flight attendant noted that Lubitz would scream out in torment in his dreams, "We're going down!" However, that wasn't the most unusual thing that she heard from the pilot in their time together.

The ex-girlfriend says that on one occasion last year, the Germanwings pilot told her that he was going to do something so horrendous that all would know his name and remember it.

At the time of the statement, the girlfriend says she had no idea what Lubitz was talking about. However, after hearing about the Germanwings plane crash into the French Alps, she couldn't get the statement out of her head. She said it all made sense.

The Daily Mail notes that the troubled pilot may have also been recently rejected by his current girlfriend just prior to the plane crash. Lubitz reportedly had purchased two brand new Audis from a dealership on the outskirts of Dusseldorf, one for himself and one for his live-in girlfriend. However, it was determined that only one Audi was delivered and that the girlfriend may have rejected the gift.

German media outlets are reporting that Lubitz's relationship was in trouble and the couple may have split up in the days leading up to the crash. Therefore, it is reported that the breakup could have been a contributory factor in Lubitz's decision to go through with his murderous plot for notoriety.

The Inquisitr previously reported on the fact that Lubitz was deemed unfit to fly on the day of the accident due to an unnamed "illness" and had ripped up doctor's notes in his home. News outlets are reporting that Lubitz suffered from fits of depression and had received treatment for mental illness, but did not disclose his recent doctor's notes to his employer, Germanwings.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/ Stringer]