Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Are ‘Smitten’ With Each Other, Have ‘Secret Meetups,’ Source Says

Things are heating up in the Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris relationship. Taylor is reportedly “smitten” with Calvin, and he feels the same way. The Master Herald reported that Selena Gomez allegedly said that the “Blank Space” singer has taken a shine to Calvin and has said that “he’s a complete gentleman.” The two are very much relaxed with each other, as fans have seen on their recent date at a Kenny Chesney concert.

The report went on to say that Harris and Swift were reportedly on their first official night out together as a couple. The two also broke the internet when they were spotted shopping at Whole Foods in Nashville on Wednesday night. Several eyewitnesses said that Swift and Harris looked very much like a couple and that they were even holding hands.

Now other reports are saying that it’s not Taylor that’s “smitten” with Calvin – it’s the other way around! A source told E! Online that he’s the one who’s “smitten” with the singer, even though they’re just getting to know each other. The insider also added that Taylor loves that Calvin can be goofy and serious.

“He is such a good guy. He’s serious but also very goofy at the same time. She really likes that combination. It’s exciting for both of them. It’s hard to meet someone in their business.”

That same source went on to say that Harris and Swift even have “secret” dates. It sounds like their relationship is getting steamy.

“It’s been going on a few weeks. They actually make a great couple. They are just getting to know each other and we’ll see what happens.

“They have been having secret meet ups in LA. He is taken with her. They connected properly at the BRIT [Awards] and it’s been going on since then.”

Neither Swift nor Harris has confirmed the relationship rumors. It doesn’t look like they will anytime soon, especially since the two are very private when it comes to talking about their dating life.

There are some people who aren’t liking the fact that Taylor and Calvin are dating. Calvin’s ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora, is one of them. The “R.I.P.” singer reportedly wishes “both the worst” and hopes that their relationship fails. Yikes.

Swift’s fans, a.k.a. “Swifties,” have also been voicing their opinions on social media. The possibility about Swift and Harris hooking up have fans in a tizzy. Some have taken to Twitter and Tumblr to exclaim their support and excitement while other fans wish that the world would butt out of Swift’s relationships. Fans have even been arguing about the alleged relationship on Google Plus and Tumblr.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? Do you think they’re really dating?

[Images by Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift via Instagram]