WWE News: Two Huge WWE NXT Superstars Booked For Main Roster Tapings Post-WrestleMania

Last night in San Jose, WWE NXT put on a fantastic show. Unfortunately, it was not on the WWE Network. Finn Balor wrestled Adrian Neville in another 5-star match. Like Jim Ross noted on Twitter, Charlotte and Sasha Banks were super. Without a doubt, the highlight of the night came when Hideo Itami finally hit the GTS, which has been teased for months now.

Triple H, with the help of the NXT superstars, turned a live event into a must-see show. That is how good WWE NXT is these days. Seth Rollins put on Instagram a picture of the old-FCW arena. In Tampa, Florida, that’s where NXT truly started. Now, it’s arguably the most-exciting brand in professional wrestling.

WWE NXT has a chance to make a huge impact on the WWE’s main roster. Around WrestleMania season, call-ups to the main roster occur. Few NXT stars have been rumored to come up soon. One rumor going around the WWE Universe is the inevitable call-up of Adrian Neville. Regardless of his loss in the fatal-four way tournament to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, he’s going to be up soon.

WrestleMania is tomorrow night, which means call-ups to the WWE’s main roster could occur as soon as Monday night on WWE Raw. According to PWInsider.com,two huge names will be on the WWE main roster very soon, with bookings starting as soon as next week.

WWE NXT stars Adrian Neville and Finn Balor are both booked for the next several weeks of post-WrestleMania 31 main roster TV tapings. There was talk that NXT Champion Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were booked as well but as noted, they are both injured and likely won’t be wrestling.

Balor is the intriguing one, as he is the most-ready to step up on WWE’s main roster. There will be no way of Balor debuting on Superstars,Main Event, or even WWE Smackdown. Balor will start his WWE journey on WWE Raw where he belongs. Along with Sami Zayn, Balor is the most-over wrestler NXT has.

The Irish-born NXT superstar broke the internet yesterday when he put a picture on social media that shocked the WWE Universe to its core. Could he be the next Paul Heyman guy?

WWE fans don’t think Balor needs Heyman to be popular with the WWE Universe. They are correct, but CM Punk teamed up with Heyman during his last run in WWE. Punk didn’t need Heyman, but it made it all the better. NXT is continuing to take the WWE by storm, as Balor and Neville should be the first two to make a huge impact on WWE’s main roster.

[Image via wrestlingsmash.com]