Iggy Azalea ‘Who Dat’ Line Explained By Alleged Ghostwriter: ‘I’m A Saints Fan’ [Video]

Iggy Azalea may have owned up to plastic surgery recently, but she may have to do quite a bit more explaining about her music.

A rapper named Skeme pretty much owned up to penning lyrics for Azalea when he appeared on Sway in the Morning. This includes some of the more popular lines from Iggy’s hit song “Fancy.” Under any other circumstances, it would be easy to doubt Skeme. However, there have been questions raised about Iggy Azalea’s authenticity for some time.

This recent interview doesn’t help. After caving to questions by host Sway over what he’s written for the Australian rapper, Skeme owned up to something rather amazing in retrospect. If you’re familiar with Azalea, you probably recall the line, “Who dat? Who dat? I-G-G-Y” from the song “Fancy.” Well, the Inglewood, California, native told Sway where that line came actually from.

When asked if he came up with the line, Skeme admitted that he was a New Orleans Saints fan. “Who Dat?” has long been a phrase associated with the Saints, and it’s possible that many a fan pondered if the origin was connected to their favorite NFL team.

Skeme seemed to signal that he had a Saints tattoo, which would certainly be proof positive of his loyalty to the franchise. It would also prove to be a devastating blow for Iggy Azalea.

With everyone else allegedly writing her music (even mentor T.I. dodged questions over ghost-writing for his protégé), it raises the question of exactly what Iggy is bringing to the table. Speaking of Sway in the Morning, a few months ago a video surfaced that cast the 24-year-old in a less than flattering light.

When asked to freestyle, Iggy sputtered, clearly caught off guard by the seemingly innocent request. She initially claimed that the beat wasn’t to her liking. Eventually, Azalea relented and “spit a few bars.” It turned out that they were lyrics to a yet-to-be-released song.

Recently, a Vine video went viral that showed Iggy rapping lyrics that were largely indecipherable. The full video has left hip hop fans everywhere feeling baffled.

If this is a demonstration of Iggy Azalea creating her own rap lyrics, it may explain why she’d leave the real writing to the professionals.

Do you believe Iggy Azalea writes her own rap lyrics or are uncredited writers like Skeme really to thank for her success?

[Image Credit: Laura Murray]