Lana Del Rey Loses To Fall Out Boy In Musical March Madness

Poor Lana Del Rey might have lost MTV’s Musical March Madness — thanks to fans. Do you know how they always tell you in elections that every vote counts? Unfortunately, Lana Del Rey might have lost a fan voting contest by a very slim margin because her fans did not turn up — but a less popular band’s fans did.

As previously reported by this author on the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey beat out Wiz Khalifa in the first round of MTV’s annual Musical March Madness contest with a significant percentage. Lana Del Rey beat out Bea Miller in round two — but this time, it almost went against Lana Del Rey and in Bea Miller’s favor. This should have been a sign to fans that they would need to step up their voting game.

In round three, Lana Del Rey was set up against Fall Out Boy. What is surprising here is how there are very few links online between Fall Out Boy and Lana Del Rey — other than MTV’s Musical March Madness bracket.

Fans voting in round three who wanted to predict how popular Lana Del Rey was compared to Fall Out Boy had little to go on — except how well they were doing in the Billboard Music charts or how many followers they had on Twitter. For the record, Lana Del Rey has 5.2 million Twitter followers, and Fall Out Boy has 1.46 million.

Despite Lana Del Rey’s larger presence on social media, fans voted for Fall Out Boy, and things started to add up quickly to Lana Del Rey’s disadvantage. For most of the day before the votes for MTV’s Musical March Madness’ round three were tallied, Lana Del Rey and Fall Out Boy were tied.

At noon on March 27, when the voting on round three ended, the sad news arrived that Lana Del Rey had lost to a band described by Vulture Magazine as “emo’s answer to Bon Jovi.”

In other words, Fall Out Boy beat Lana Del Rey by a hair. To be exact, Lana Del Rey got 49.8 percent and Fall Out Boy got 50.2 percent. So Lana Del Rey lost by 0.40 percent.

Do any of you “true” Lana Del Rey fans who forgot to vote for her on round three feel guilty about that?

As Seth Meyers might say on NBC’s Late Night, “Lana Del Rey fans, ya burnt” — because you have truly let her down this time. The difference in the numbers of fans online for Lana Del Rey versus Fall Out Boy, after all, are staggering.

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