Niall Horan’s Ex Now With Ed Sheeran? Payback For Ellie Goulding?

As One Direction and Niall Horan make their way to play in South Africa without Zayn Malik, implications have begun to mount that Ed Sheeran is somehow swapping girlfriends with Niall. Is there any truth to Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan having a connection of this kind? Research shows there is a lot of evidence pointing toward this fact — and it might be a way that Ed Sheeran is paying Niall Horan back for what happened with Ellie Goulding.

Back in October, Ed Sheeran made it public that he forgave Niall Horan. This forgiveness comes after Niall Horan slept with Ellie Goulding while she was together with Ed Sheeran. Yikes!

Metro published an article in October of 2014 where Ed Sheeran admits that his song “Don’t” was about Niall Horan sleeping with Ellie Golding.

Over the past week, while Niall Horan was in Jakarta and the Philippines dealing with playing a show after being broken up with by Zayn Malik, Ed Sheeran was breaking up with his girlfriend. Reports state that Ed and his girlfriend split up because of a fight they had at the 2015 Brit Awards. After the breakup, Ed was immediately seen with Niall Horan’s ex, according to sources like the Mirror.

On March 27, the Mirror stated that Ed Sheeran split from his ex, Athina Andrelos, and was seen in Sydney, Australia, dining at a restaurant with Barbar Palvin — Niall Horan’s ex. Palvin is in Australia currently working as a model and Ed is there on his world tour — so it could all just be a coincidental meeting of friends.

Despite this, Ed being flirty with Niall Horan’s ex comes as a surprise to some since a print-only copy of Heat World says an insider source tells them that Ed Sheeran’s breakup with his girlfriend might be tied to Harry Styles’ ex, Taylor Swift. Now that he is a free man, people speculate that Taylor will take Ed out of the friend zone.

Does this mean that Niall Horan could avoid having Ed Sheeran use his ex as a rebound/revenge dating opportunity? The fact that Ed Sheeran could end up with Taylor Swift instead of Niall Horan’s ex would not be a shock since Taylor Swift told Ed Sheeran at the 2015 Brit Awards that she “loved him” — and this was the same night that Ed and his girlfriend got in a massive fight that led to their breakup.

Ed, of course, basically started the BFF love gush talk with Taylor during his Elle Magazine interview in June 2014 — so it looks like Niall Horan’s ex might not be Ed’s first choice for his next relationship.

Are there any other strong pieces of evidence that Niall Horan and Ed will not be sharing exes again in the near future? As it appears, Taylor Swift did make a Drake needlepoint design for Ed Sheeran last summer — and if that is not love, what is?

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