George Lucas Mocks Fox News: ‘May You Live Long And Prosper’

George Lucas recently stopped by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to give a mock congratulations to Fox News on accurately reporting on the Michael Brown shooting. Lucas revealed he might forever change his movie-making in honor of the achievement.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jon Stewart recently called out Fox News for hypocrisy.

Pundits on the cable news network demanded an apology from the mainstream media for their inflammatory, inaccurate reporting on the Michael Brown shooting incident in Ferguson, Missouri, or what Megyn Kelley called “bone-headed non-fact based rhetoric.”

Yet, when it came to their own provocative reporting on Benghazi, Fox News was conspicuously silent, even though many of the facts they alluded to were disproved by a report from the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

In the end, Jon Stewart felt that if the mainstream needed to apologize, they did too. The news network never replied to the late-night comedian. They did, however, double down on their self-congratulations about being accurate on Ferguson.

Naturally, Stewart wanted in on what he called Fox News’ “jerking itself off,” and he invited George Lucas to drop by and join him.

Representing all of liberal Hollywood, George Lucas appeared and promised that from now on all of his movies would be “blindly uncritical” of America. His new films will include American Exceptionalism Graffiti, Star Wars: The Clinton Menace, and The Empire Strikes Back, Justifiably.

George Lucas signed off saying, “Fox New may you live long and prosper” before realizing that he never wrote that.

According to Rolling Stone, Stewart also presented Fox News with a Fudgie the Whale cake with “you were right” written in white frosting.

“To honor that time you were right, we got you a Fudgie the Whale. You know why? We think you’re a whale of a network — in that we’ve been chasing you our whole lives and just can’t kill you.”

Of course, as hard as Lucas and Stewart try, Fox News has the two beat when it comes to praise, at least for themselves.


Stewart ended his segment with a video montage of all of the self-congratulations happening on the network.

“The great thing is, I get it now. Your network launched in 1996, you’re 18 years old. Just like every 18-year-old, you have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off.”

Fox News will mostly likely not respond to Stewart or George Lucas in their most recent slam.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]