Call Of Duty: Double XP Advanced Warfare Weekend During Championship in L.A.

It’s said you can’t have it all, but this weekend is stacking up nicely for Call of Duty gamers on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC players now. While the Call of Duty championships are underway in Los Angeles, players can enjoy their own Double XP Advanced Warfare challenge in their own homes because Sledgehammer games is giving all Advanced Warfare players reason to rise to the championship occasion by turning on the Double XP playlists again.

While comments in some gamer articles have argued that Call of Duty is an antiquated game, other de-hard fans say it is alive, well, and thriving. The long-awaited PS3 update for Advanced Warfare has finally gone live, adding the Grand Master Prestige content to the game and correlating the game with other versions that were updated a month ago. There are many Double XP weekends for the game, but with many prestige levels to unlock, so gamers will likely find themselves tremendously challenged once again.

And to celebrate in style, Activision has announced the number of grenades thrown in the game since 2010: 300 billion. They add the strange but impressive comparison that the number of grenades is “44x the number of cell phones in the world.”

The Call of Duty Championships held in Los Angeles today through March 29 is looking to potentially crown a king. The tournament this weekend has 32 teams competing from all over the world, all attempting to earn their portion of the $1,000,000 prize pool, with $400,000 to be distributed among the four members of the first place team.

One gamer, Matt “NaDeSHoT” Haag, is arguably one of the most notable e-gamers in the world, with more than one million YouTube followers, according to Forbes magazine. He earns an impressive amount of money and respect but has yet to be crowned the official king, though he is hoping to change that this weekend.

“When you put all this time and effort into it, you want to see results. For me personally, it would mean so much. We’ve had a really dominant year so far. We’ve only lost one event out of four we’ve competed at, and we should have won that one as well. We’re in the process of really creating a legacy that I think a lot of people will look back on and admit that this was one of the most dominant Call of Duty teams to ever form. For me, I never I imagined myself to be in that sort of position.”