iOS 8: To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

We all like having the latest technology and features, but is Apple’s new operating system, iOS 8, worth upgrading to? Let’s look at the facts: Apple’s last major update, iOS 7, got shade thrown at it by consumers for the fact that its newly-enhanced graphics were eating up battery life and slowing down the speed of devices it ran on. That’s not necessarily to say that iOS 8 will do the same thing, but it’s something to consider before updating.

Among some of iOS 8’s new features (specifically, iOS 8.2) are an Application for the Apple Watch and an assortment of bug fixes that patch up complaints about older versions of iOS 8. The previous iOS incarnation needed about 1 GB worth of wiggle room to install and run.

On the more positive side, Forbes notes that iOS 8 is more secure than previous versions, as iOS version 8.1.1 fixed a bug that would allow anyone to access an iPhone by using the fingerprint sensor from the lock screen. That being said, Forbes also added that any device not yet running version 8.1.1 is still vulnerable to the hack.

Among other enhancements, Apple devices running iOS 8 also have the ability to speak into their phones and send their recorded voices as a text messages. This allows users to, for example, record a song playing overhead in a store and then send it to friends. Another new feature is the Health app, which can track a phone user’s heart rate and other vital statistics, such as calories burned and steps walked.

Tech site Gizmodo also added that developers are able to link applications to a centralized database that stores your personal health information.

The famous/infamous spotlight search (which allows you to scour your device for contacts, apps, music, and more) is now able to pull up suggested web pages related to your search query. Gizmodo noted that Mac users are now able to send texts from their iPhones to their Macs, and a new service called Handoff will allow you to, for instance, begin an email on your Mac and then finish it on your iPhone or iPod.

So, should you upgrade your device to iOS 8? That’s up to you, but the features listed definitely sound interesting. It’s possible iOS 8 will be a bit of a memory hog on your device, but with such an array of powerful new features, it might just be worth it.