'The Sims 4' Finally Adds Basements Alongside Egg Hunt Event Thanks To Free Update, Available Now

David Stonecipher

Players of The Sims 4 are in luck after the release of the latest free update. The update was announced and promoted on the official Twitter account for The Sims 4, and includes two-level basements, an additional level to the above-ground portion of houses, an active Easter event, and much more.

A number of fixes and changes went into the patch, of course, but the new features are the real highlight of the update. Players will now have a total of six floors to build upon with addition of basements and another floor above ground. Moreover, a special Easter Bunny Eggs event is now live.

This Bunny Egg Hunt event will last through April, and it will give players the chance to find eggs throughout the neighborhood to add to their collection. Ten eggs with unique designs are available to find. Finishing the collection will unlock a special Easter reward, according to the official patch notes.

"Collect all 10 of the different designs to unlock a reward… it's big, it's stuffed, and it might be a bunny."

Many issues were addressed in the patch including some gameplay improvements to the way certain systems work within the game. Sims should prioritize what they are doing better based on the posture, for instance. Autonomy has been improved so that Sims decide what to do quicker if left to their own devices. Even memory optimizations were included to reduce the number of software crashes on some machines.

This patch paves the way for the first traditional expansion for The Sims 4 called Get to Work. The Inquisitr recently reported on the expansion and its features like the ability to take on new active jobs, level new skills, run Sim-owned businesses, and much more. Players will be able to make their Sims doctors, detectives, and scientist with the expansion. They will even be able to control those Sims at their jobs.

Do in-game events, like this Easter event in The Sims 4, encourage you to play?

[Images via Twitter]