Randy Scheffield: Ohio Murder Solved With Arrests Of Doretta Scheffield, Gina Battaglia, David 'Tig' Rowels

Randy Scheffield's unsolved murder has been solved after four years. Cleveland.com is reporting that the victim's own wife, 63-year old Doretta Scheffield, his stepson, 34-year old David 'Tig' Rowles, and Rowle's live-in girlfriend, 31-year old Gina Battaglia, have all been arrested in connection with the murder. Gina Battaglia is the daughter of former NewburyPolice Chief Santo 'Sonny' Battaglia. They are all in custody at the Geauga County Safety Center.

photo: Twitter
photo: Twitter

Randy Scheffield's death made headlines in December 2011. Police became aware of the case after receiving a 911 call of a man found unconscious. Once investigators arrived they found the body of a white male lying unresponsive in his bed. Bleeding from the ear was noted, according to The News Herald.

The victim was identified as 53-year old Randy Scheffield, owner of a well-known landscaping business in the area. His wife, Doretta Scheffield told police that she found her husband in bed that evening when she was about to make dinner, and that the last time she saw him was early that morning as he watched tv. She denied knowing what happened to cause him to be in bed in that condition.

Randy Scheffield died at a local area hospital. For the past four years, detectives have been thoroughly investigating the case, and meticulously gathering evidence. It was apparent that his wife had something to do with his death, and that is the angle they have followed since 2011.

Friends and family members of the victim are happy to have the case solved. But, many suspected that Doretta Scheffield was involved in the man's death. By all accounts, Randy Scheffield was a nice guy and a productive business owner and resident. No one can think of any reason why anyone would want to hurt him. A motive has not been officially stated but it is believed the killing had a financial component.

Doretta Sheffield and her son David Rowles sit on $250,000 bond while Battaglia sits on $100,000. Police have charged the deadly trio with complicity to commit aggravated murder, complicity to commit theft, and tampering with evidence, according to court documents.

" I grew up with Randy's family. Best friends with one of his sister's. Randy was a good man, always willing to help others. Hope they rot in hell"

"My classmate. Knew all of them well. Her dad is not a police officer anymore. Normal nice family. Her mom was/is a school bus driver. Does anyone EVER really know why people do things? Our small community is in shock! I am sad. "

"David Tig Rowles was/is or always was an awesome person everyone knew! They have 1 child together so Please at least pray for their special needs son! #onlygodcanjudge"

"I knew him also my brother worked for randy for ten years. He didn't deserve this, nobody does."

"This is so unreal. I am in total shock."

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