Michigan Man Thinks He Has A Stroke After Eating Brownies Laced With Pot

A 58-year-old man from Clarkston, Michigan was hospitalized on Thursday after eating a brownie that his daughter had baked the night before. According to a report by FOX News, the man was not aware that the brownies contained some pot that his 17-year-old daughter claims she received from a friend.

The girl told police that she made the brownies, and left them out on the kitchen counter, but did not expect anyone to eat them. Her father saw the treats and decided to help himself with several, unaware of what was inside the brownies. Shortly after ingesting the brownies, he began to sense that something may be wrong with him. At that time, he placed a call to 911 reporting that he thought he may be having a stroke.

Emergency services responded to the call located in Independence Township about 40 miles Northwest of Detroit. USA Today reports that as soon as the police arrived, the 17-year-old admitted to spiking the brownies with some pot that she had gotten from a friend.

Michigan passed a law to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in 2008. According to the website for the activist group NORML, Michigan allows pot use for the following conditions: Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cachexia, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s, Glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, Hepatitis C, Nail patella, Nausea, PTSD, seizures and severe or persistent muscle spasms.

The law allows for individuals to possess two and a half ounces of usable pot. This would exclude any food that has marijuana in it, or a recently popular drink that has cannabis in it. People with a medical marijuana card are allowed to have up to 12 pot plants on their property, as long as they are enclosed in a secured and locked building. Outdoor pot plants are permitted with the limitation that they must not be visible to the unaided eye on an adjacent property, by someone who is standing at ground level. The plants must also be enclosed on all four sides by some type of fencing.


Authorities have not released the name of either the father or the daughter, but the 58-year-old has been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Criminal charges are most likely going to be filed against the 17-year-old for possession of pot. She currently attends Clarkston High School.

Mike McCabe of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office warns that today’s pot is much more potent than the kind that was found in previous decades.

“Marijuana today is not your marijuana of the 1960s or ’70s,” he said. “The THC level is multiple times more potent. Depending how much marijuana was baked into those brownies, it could lead to someone being violently ill. It could also lead to death.”