Snake Eats Snake: Man Cuts Open Giant Snake, Finds Another

giant snake

What does the average snake eat?

Most people know that snakes eat smaller prey — namely, rodents (i.e. mice, rats, etc.). People that own pet snakes are fully aware of this — especially if they have to frequently buy rats and mice as menu options for their carnivorous reptiles.

However, did you know that some snakes are able to eat other snakes?

This video footage shows an alleged hunter cutting open a giant snake. As seen in the video, another giant snake was found inside of its stomach. Towards the end of the video, the hunter is able to completely remove the second snake from the body of its predator — and it appears to be just as big (if not slightly bigger) in size.

The full clip is only one-and-a-half minutes in length, but it shows more than enough footage within that relatively short period of time.

On World Star Hip-Hop, this now-viral video was posted on Friday and has already been seen over 420,000 times.

Studies have proven that it is not as uncommon as some might think for snakes to eat other snakes. Most large snakes, such as king snakes and anacondas, are primarily known for targeting other large reptiles — including their own kind. Anacondas are even capable of eating large mammals simply by using their strong bodies to crush and squeeze their prey to death.

Chances are that slicing open any type of giant snake, especially one that is larger than its normal size, would lead to this type of “surprise” discovery.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]