Sorry, Kanye! Taylor Swift’s Lean Body Is Preferred Over Kim Kardashian’s Curves

A new scientific study found that both men and women prefer Taylor Swift’s tall, lean body over Kim Kardashian’s petite, curvaceous figure.

It appears that not everybody likes Kim Kardashian’s curves. Men and women prefer a taller and slender body type that’s similar to Taylor Swift. The study was taken at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, according to FOX News. The scientists then published their findings in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, according to another report by the Daily Mail.

The study says that 60,000 people were shown various images of female body types. About 80 percent of those subjects were men. The subjects were shown 1,000 varying body types from the side and front, while the faces were pixilated. That means that the subjects couldn’t tell if the women were actually of Swift and Kardashian or of other celebrities.

The lowest-rated body types were quickly eliminated from the study. According to the study, in each generation of the body types, the shorter and thicker ones were voted out. That means Kim Kardashian’s killer curves and petite figure weren’t a favorite among these subjects. The highest-rated body types were those who have long legs, a smaller backside, and an even smaller chest. That would perfectly describe Taylor Swift’s body type.

“The predominant evolutionary trend, reflecting a likely major dimension of social selection operating on human female bodies, is toward greater slenderness and, particularly, narrower waists.”

According to this study, the ideal body type is that of Taylor Swift, and not of Kim Kardashian, according to the scientists who conducted this study. It’s not only men that see longer legs and a taller stature as a body ideal. It was also the women who felt this way.

This study doesn’t entirely mean that Taylor Swift’s body is the ideal body type. Both society and the media have shifted its focus on women who have ample bottoms and big breasts like Kim Kardashian. It’s also no secret that most men like it when women have a little something to hold onto. The popularity of Meghan Trainor’s first single “All About That Bass” proved that both sexes love a woman with curves.

Despite the results found in this study, it also proved that attractiveness and beauty is only a matter of opinion. There are also other things to consider such as culture and geographic location. Attractiveness can vary depending upon where you were brought up or how you were raised. The Daily Mail also says that the study showed that athletic men were also considered attractive to women who also had an athletic build.

Photos by Pascal Le Segretain and Ian Gavan via Getty Images

Kanye West felt extremely proud of his wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper was so proud that he posted several nude photos of her on his Twitter account, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It seems like he’s alone on this debate.

What are your thoughts on this study? Do you think Taylor Swift has a better body type than Kim Kardashian?

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