Entire Town Gets High After Police Burn Seized Marijuana

An entire town accidentally got high after police burned 1,100 pounds of marijuana that they’d seized, which then infested the surrounding area.

The incident unfolded on March 11, in the Tangerang district of Jakarta, Indonesia. According to NY Daily News, the marijuana was worth around $1 million. There have been varied reports on how large the amount of marijuana was. Some have stated that it weighed in at 390 kilograms, while others have placed it at 600 kilos.

After seizing and collecting the weed following a local raid in Serpong, officers decided that the only sensible thing to do was to burn the entire collection of weed together in a huge bonfire just outside of the station.

Unfortunately, the mask-wearing officers didn’t think their plan through properly, though, because shortly after the blaze had been started, the fumes got caught up in a wind, and then spread across nearby homes.

According to Science Times, it wasn’t long before locals and journalists, who had come from far and wide because of the size of the seizure, soon started to feel a weird sensation as the smoke filtered through the air.

Residents of the region started to complain about being dizzy, buzzed, and “unusual,” while one local journalist admitted that he felt so peculiar he needed to have a “sit down down” and a “cup of tea” to recover.

Another local complained, “I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask,” while they also complained that the tangy smell of marijuana was too strong.

Asia One reported that a spokesman for Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency was quick to inform individuals in the region who were affected that inhaling the fumes wouldn’t “lead to any long-term health problems.”

Police also collected and destroyed 4-pounds of crystal meth, which was amassed by airport customs agents and had a street value of nearly $2 million, as well as 2,538 ecstasy pills at the same time as they burned the huge sway of marijuana.

However, it’s believed that these drugs weren’t burned outside, and were instead disposed of in a near-by incinerator.

[Image via Eco Hustler]