October 10, 2016
Top secret English sub base no longer so secret

I can just imagine the discussions going on in the Ministries responsible for England's armed forces and nuclear program. What they thought was a secret that only they knew about turns out to be available to the world via Google Earth and Microsoft's Live Search Maps. The maps display the longitude and latitude of a facility in Faslane, Scotland that is home to the U.K.'s Trident-armed nuclear submarine forces.

The pictures clearly show two of the Vanguard class submarines – which are capable of carrying 16 nuclear warheads. Of course the military experts are warning that this kind of information will make it all the easier for terrorists to launch attacks

One told The Sun: "A strike on our nuclear capability would cause untold devastation. Terrorists could have a field day, knowing exactly where to aim strikes to cause the maximum devastation."

As well as HM Naval Base Clyde at Faslane, the program also clearly shows the Trident Special Area near Coulport, just 10 miles away, where nuclear warheads are stored.

Source: FoxNews


Chances are that by the time you check this out they'll have been scrubbed or at least you would think that they would be.