Wear Yellow For Seth: Internet Rallies Behind Ill 5-Year-Old By Wearing His Favorite Color

You’ve probably noticed that the internet is awash with yellow today, as people across the world look to show their support for 5-year-old Seth Lane.

Seth suffers from SCID, which is severe combined immunodeficiency disorder. This basically means that he was born with no immune system and he can’t fight off infection.

In order to raise her son’s spirits and bring more attention to SCID, Seth’s mother, Leane, released a video to YouTube to try and raise his spirit, while also bringing further attention to the disease too.

Seth was originally diagnosed with the disease when he was 5-months-old, and while talking to ABC News, Leanne explained that he needed to undergo his first bone marrow transplant when he was aged just 7-months-old.

Because of his deficiency, Seth, who hails from Northamptonshire, England, has to spend his days in a sterile room because any germs or bacteria that he catches could kill him.

To show their support for Seth, the internet’s many users reacted uproariously to Leanne’s request to wear yellow. Over the last few hours, it has been packed with images and videos of people donning bright attire to celebrate Seth.

The Lanes have called upon the world to show their support for Seth by wearing as much yellow as they can. Anyone who does so should then plaster it across the internet alongside the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth.

Leanne admitted that they picked the color yellow because it just so happens to be Seth’s favorite.

“Yellow is Seth’s absolute favorite color,” she explained. “He loves anything yellow. If I put a yellow shirt on, he says, ‘Look, yellow!’ It perks him up when he’s feeling rubbish, really.”

Leanne also revealed that Seth must now have his gallbladder removed due to all of the antibiotics he has taken over the years. After that, Seth will hopefully start chemotherapy in five weeks, and then once that is complete, he will have his second bone marrow transplant eight days after, courtesy of his father.

[Image via Blogdilifestyle]