Are Madonna Fans As Militant As Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters?

Madonna fans have had it with what they consider misogynistic and false reports about the Queen of Pop. Over the past couple of days, they have taken over Twitter and different websites to strike back at bloggers who tear apart Madge.

Last night, Alex Young of Consequence of Sound ran a rather derogatory hit-piece on sales of Madonna‘s latest album Rebel Heart, claiming the album is a flop without considering all the songs on the album have been available online for the past three months. He falsely declared (but later made a correction after fans screamed) that it was her first album since Bedtime Stories not to hit the number one spot. The article falsely reported that Rebel Heart received poor reviews, even though it stands at 68 percent on Metacritic. Fans were not pleased.

“Alex honey, do you not have an editor or basic fact-checker? What charts are you referring to? Billboard is the industry standard, and NO Madonna albums throughout the entire 90’s debuted at No. 1. NONE of them. I’m Breathless, The Immaculate Collection, Erotic, Bedtime Stories, Something To Remember, Evita, & Ray of Light — NONE of them,” wrote a user named “Precious.”

“This is the worst piece of so-called journalism I have read in a long long time. Poor research. Lazy. How the hell can you compare album sales to anything 20 years ago? The entire industry is different. The digital revolution happened you moron. No one buys albums anymore,” wrote a user named “Stan.”

Some of the comments veered into militant Lady Gaga “Little Monster” territory by threatening commenters who agreed with the author, even telling them to kill themselves. You have to love the Internet. But that wasn’t the only site Madge fans had their eyes on. Chloe Stillwell of The Frisky wrote a bizarre rant on Madonna, trying to word police her by accusing her of racism for pointing out that her dancers just happened to be Japanese. She also compared Madonna to the Crypt Keeper. Once again, fans weren’t having it.

“Wow, the typical social justice warrior female: Bash another woman for doing things only men are supposed to do and make a false charge of ‘racism.’ Saying her dancers were ‘Japanese’ is not as vulgar as the ageism you displayed by comparing a woman to the Crypt Keeper just because she happens to be of a certain age. You’ll get to that age if your lucky and will regret what you did,” wrote user Ted Lopez. Luckily, there were no death threats against the author.

It appears that Madonna fans and Lady Gaga fans are militant enough to combat sexism and other “isms” against their favorite performers, even if some fans go too far. If Madonna and Lady Gaga fans stopped hating each other, they could join forces and have a huge effect on fighting misogyny on the Internet.

[Photo by Marc Piasecki/Getty Images]