An Unlikely Bromance: Who Is Snoop Dogg Throwing A Birthday Bash For?

It seems like a very unlikely bromance, but Snoop Dogg and Posh Spices’ other half, David Beckham, are closer than you’d think. They’re so close that Snoop Dogg is planning a big birthday bash for David.

According to Times Live, Snoop Dogg shared that he is planning one heck of a birthday to celebrate pal Beckham’s 40 birthday.

“My boy David hits the big 4-0 this year and you know, we got to do something big to celebrate.”

So how big is Snoop planning this party to be? Vegas big, of course.

Snoop said, “It’s gotta be Vegas, there ain’t nowhere else it can be.”

Snoop slyly added, “You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

So what if Beckham’s other half, Victoria, isn’t down with Snoop’s plans for taking her husband to party in Vegas?

Snoop explained, “He ain’t got to worry about Victoria, I will speak with her and explain when a man turns 40 he needs to go away with his boys.”

And by “go away with his boys,” Snoop means party hard.

Snoop said, “40 is nothing these days. We’ll show we can go harder than the kids.”

So how big is Snoop planning to make this party for Beckham? Well, if it’s anything the party Snoop threw for his son, you can expect some partying in epic proportions.

Snoop just threw oldest son/football star Cordell Broadus a Coming to America-themed birthday party for his 18th birthday, according to the Hamilton Spectator. The party “featured a throne and rose petals in a nod to Eddie Murphy’s 1988 movie.”

So how exactly did Snoop and Beckham meet?

Beckham moved his family to Los Angeles to become a member of the professional soccer team L.A. Galaxy in 2007. It was this move to sunny California that gave Becks and Snoop the chance to meet. Beckham even appeared on Snoop’s reality television show.

According to E! Online, the two are so tight that “Snoop plays his new music for David first.”

When not busy planning epic birthday parties, Snoop has been working on a new album entitled Bush. The rap superstar worked with stars like Charlie Wilson, Pharrell, and even Stevie Wonder for his latest musical venture.

This is Snoop Dogg’s 13th studio album and will be released May 12, just days after throwing Beckham a birthday bash he will most likely never forget.

[Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia]