[Op-Ed] Mitt Romney Should Not Be President

Mitt Romney should lose the Republican primary. I said it, straight up, no room for interpretation, Mitt Romney should not be the Republican nominee to challenge Barack Obama in 2012. There are a million reasons why Romney should not be president, but let’s concentrate on the main reasons why.

  1. Mitt Romney doesn’t stand for anything: The only thing Mitt Romney seems to feel passionate about is that he should be President and somebody else should not. Think about it. Mitt Romney has been called a Democrat, a socialist, the inventor of Obama Care, a taxachusetts liberal, a flip flopper, a Mormon looney the list goes on and on. The only thing that seemed to get a rise out of Mitt (and get him spending millions of dollars) was the suggestion by Newt Gingrich that he was not good enough to be President. When other contenders challenge his beliefs or his plans he smiles and doesn’t say anything.
  2. In order to be President you have to want it BAD: The difference between all the others running for President and Mitt Romney is that they all really want to be President. They all really believe that their vision of America is the right one and that they will carry the day. Mitt Romney doesn’t want to be President, he feels he is entitled to the Presidency. He feels that after losing to John McCain in 2008 that this time it is his turn. Never mind that for the last 6 years, Mitt Romney has accomplished basically nothing. He is not a philanthropist, he hasn’t been working in government, he hasn’t been lobbying for positions he feels passionate about. No, since 2006 all Mitt Romney has been doing is running for the Presidency. Which brings us to the next point.
  3. Mitt Romney has ZERO experience with the Federal system: The biggest argument that the Republican party has against Barack Obama is that his gross inexperience in the Federal Bureaucracy has led the country down the wrong path. That if Obama had more experience in Management or government things would be better off. Well Romney is basically saying that he made millions of dollars by cannibalizing companies he thought he could devour and then he served on term as governor of Massachusetts before losing in his bid for reelection. Which brings us to the last and most important point.
  4. Romney and Obama are basically the same person: Yes they have their slight differences but when push comes to shove and the history books are written Romney and Obama are basically the same. They both pushed identical healthcare reforms through their legislatures and have driven up costs and made tax increases required. They have both signed massive tax cut for the wealthy legislation. They both are against gay marriage. Romney now claims to be pro life but in reality they are both pro choice. Romney and Obama represent all that is bad about professional politics. Both of them feel electable because they are willing to drink whatever koolaid the people are selling that day.

Truth be told this is an age where leaders are needed more than anything. People who are willing to tell the truth and follow their convictions to completion regardless of the pressure they face. Romney and Obama specialize in telling people what they want to hear, in standing for nothing and for letting the rest of the world fend for themselves. This is not what America needs right now.