Playboy Model Ruptured Breast Implant While Pole Dancing

Playboy model Diosa Canales accidentally fell when she lost her grip while pole dancing.

The 29-year-old Venezuelan was able to break her fall by landing on her chest. However, one of her breast implants ruptured when she landed. The young model, singer, and actress was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery.

The former Playboy model from South America goes by the name of Diosa Canales, though her real name is Dioshaily Rosfer Canales Gil. Diosa was born in El Tigre, a city in the northern Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui.

Playboy Model Diosa Canales
Diosa Canales: Mexico's Playboy model, actress, singer, calendar model, and pole dancer. ( Photo courtesy of FansShare)

Diosa found fame when she was selected as a Playboy model, for the Mexican Playboy, June, 2013, issue. Ms. Canales is most noted for promising to pose nude if her home country of Venezuela won the Copa America soccer tournament.

Diosa Canales, a former Playboy model, has more than one million followers on Twitter, and 500,000 Instagram admirers.

Diosa Canales Photograph
Diosa Canales, who has more than one million Twitter followers and 500,000 Instagram followers. She became an internet phenomenon in August 2014 after she stripped off in front of a twitcam. (Photo courtesy of DailyNews)

In fact, Diosa became a trending topic when she disrobed in front of a twitcam, drawing in more than 30,000 visitors in less than 12 minutes.

Daily Mail reported that Twitter eventually censored the model’s post because it contained nudity and was sexually implicit.

Diosa Canales Pole Dancing.
Pole dancer and former Playboy model, Diosa Canales performs. (Photo courtesy of Instagram)

Not too long ago, Diosa took up pole dancing and built up a huge following. Unfortunately, the former Playboy model suffered a serious accident while performing one of her pole dancing routines.

Midway through her performance, she lost her grip and fell to the ground. The 28-year-old landed on her chest, which ruptured one of her breast implants. She ended up being rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Model Diosa Canales
29-year-old pole dancer, Diosa Canales pictured after the surgery. (Photo courtesy of EuroNews)

Diosa posted messages on Twitter to keep her fan base informed about her status.

“My loves, yesterday I was operated on in an emergency, while I was practicing my pole dancing I had a fall and one of my prosthesis burst. I want to tell everyone not to worry about me though, I’ll be fine.”

Diosa Canales Has An Operation
Playboy model, Diosa Canales having surgery after rupuring her breast implant in a pole dancing routine. (Photo courtesy of DailyMail)

Diosa Canale also posted images showing the progress of the surgery she underwent.

Without doubt, the model, pole dancer, actress, singer, and Playboy model will be taking a break from her pole dance routine for a while.

[Featured image courtesy of Scott Barbour/Getty Images]