WWE ‘WrestleMania 31’ Matches And Predictions: Will Brock Lesnar Retain? Will Sting Win His First WWE Match?

It’s just about two days until WWE presents WrestleMania 31, and it’s a stacked card with nine total matches. Actually, only seven of those are on the main card with two on the Kick-Off after the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was dropped just yesterday. Still, there is going to be a lot of action on Sundayl so let’s check out the full match line-up and predictions.

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

Lots of controversy and confusion now surround this match, as Brock Lesnar has re-signed with WWE and is going nowhere. Before that, it was truly believed that Roman Reigns could win the WWE Title and move on to be the leader of the main event scene.

Well, now that doesn’t seem so cemented in place anymore. Lesnar should and likely will come out and be tested, but he won’t lose. The guy destroyed John Cena on multiple occasions and stopped Undertaker’s streak. He’s not losing here, and there’s also the rumored big angle to think of too.

Prediction and Still Champion: Brock Lesnar

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

Ever since his streak was broken last year, no one has seen The Undertaker. Well, there have been social media images here and there, and his age is showing. Now, Bray Wyatt has built up a great feud virtually on his own, and he could be elevated to serious main event status with a win here.

Doesn’t seem like that will happen though. Undertaker’s entrance alone is bound to be magnificent, and this will be a great match between the two. Wyatt won’t fall down with a loss, but this should be a good one and will show if Undertaker can make it one more year.

Prediction: The Undertaker

WWE WrestleMania 31 Matches Predictions

There’s no way that Sting is going to lose his first-ever WWE match. It’s just not going to happen. It may not be the best match in the world, as Sting is aging a bit and Triple H isn’t a regular in the ring anymore, but it doesn’t matter. For longtime wrestling fans, the sight of Sting wrestling at WrestleMania is enough to make it a fantastic night.

Prediction: Sting

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

This one will likely steal the show, and it could end up having one more participant. As WrestleZone reported, Hideo Itami won the NXT mini-tournament at WrestleMania Axxess and now has a spot in the battle royal. Another rumor is that Sheamus may return to join in.

Even if no one else joins in on the match, it’s going to be fantastic, and the Intercontinental Title will be elevated to higher level. This is going to be a spot-fest combined with a bunch of talented wrestlers putting on a clinic. Look for Bryan to take it and possibly start a feud with Ziggler.

Prediction and New Champion: Daniel Bryan

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

The feud between Rusev and John Cena has actually been built really well, and it’s also elevating the worth of the United States title. Looking at what has gone on lately, Rusev got the last upper-hand, and that usually means the other guy is going to win at the PPV.

That seems about right though, and you should expect Cena to be the one who finally gets the best of Rusev and stops the monster.

Prediction and New Champion: John Cena

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

Seth Rollins still has the briefcase, and rumors say he may use it at WrestleMania, but we shall see. If he doesn’t, he won’t leave with a victory, as Orton will get one to fuel his powerful return.

Prediction: Randy Orton

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

The thing here is that another AJ Lee vs. Paige feud is in the works, but neither has the title. The Bellas will drop the title in time, but they’ve got too much going for them so a loss won’t hurt. AJ and Paige will get the win, but dissension will show its face between them.

Prediction: AJ Lee & Paige

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

It’s hard to predict battle royals, but this one will be fun and has a few favorites peeking their heads out. Look for NXT’s Hideo Itami or possibly fan-favorite Damien Mizdow to get the win to a huge ovation.

Prediction: Hideo Itami or Damien Mizdow

wwe wrestlemania 31 predictions

Sadly, this was pushed to the Kickoff portion of the night and it could be a pretty good match. The Brass Ring Club will retain their titles, as each team has gotten the better of the other in recent weeks.

Prediction and Still Champions: The Brass Ring Club

WrestleMania 31 is going to be a great night, and one that could see many of these predictions come true. On the other hand, WWE is known to want to swerve their fans, so it’s best just to tune in on Sunday and find out.

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