A special American Idol app for your iPhone

Can’t get enough of that American Idol goodness?

Well now thanks to the producers of the show you will be able to get special iPhone only American Idol video content. Yes folks if you just can’t get enough of this glam packaged goodness you can spend $1.99 and get yourself hooked up on the iPod and iPhone and each week you will be streamed exclusive videos. Granted many of the videos will be of those ‘gag me with a spoon’ confessionals but the idea is to take you deeper into the contestant’s world. Ya.. like we really need more of that.

The “Idol” app may center around the 78 videos airing on just the iPhone by the season’s end, but it also includes the same daily newsfeed and blog post you can find online, a handy section on the singers’ biographies, and links to the iTunes music store, where you can directly buy the tracks performed by your favorite up-and-comers.

As an extra perk, the “Idol” app lets you test your powers of prognostication with a setting to rank the contestants’ bios in the order you predict they’ll finish, time-stamped to keep you from claiming you knew the top dogs all along.

Source: Crave – cnet

Now before all of you Idol fans outside of the US get all wet about this you might as well know now this only applies to American iPhone users – the rest of you will have to wait until your carriers get on the cash bandwagon.

Photo credit: AmericanIdol.com