Gary Shirley & Amber Portwood Are ‘Never’ Getting Back Together

Gary Shirley and his ex-girlfriend, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, are “never” getting back together. Despite her recent admission of wanting to get back with Shirley after prison, Portwood claims she’s currently in a much different place and would never rekindle her romance with Shirley.

In a March 27 report by MTV News, Portwood was seen discussing her relationship with Gary Shirley in a Teen Mom OG: Featured Moment.

After telling Gary Shirley they were “never going to get back together,” he replied, asking, “Can you really say never?”

For Portwood, that answer is, “Yes.”

“It was nice to be in front of Gary and not fight with him, and that was what I was saying, and then he just cuts me off and he wants to go a different route. Talking about, ‘Oh don’t say never we’re never going to get back together.'”

Portwood continued on, revealing while she once wanted her family intact, Gary Shirley’s actions during her time behind bars were enough to make her say goodbye to the relationship for good.

“When I found out everything that happened while I was in there — all the lies he told me — it was done. I mean, I felt like I was completely cheated and lied to, you know, while I was sitting inside such a horrible place.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Gary Shirley is currently expecting his second child with girlfriend Kristina Anderson, while Portwood is reportedly planning for a televised wedding with fiancé Matthew Baier.

“Amber really likes the idea of a TV wedding,” an insider told In Touch Weekly on March 25.

“It’s going to be such a special moment in her life and Amber really wants to share it with her fans.”

After Portwood was released from prison in November of 2013, after 17 months behind bars, she was made aware of Gary Shirley’s relationship with Anderson, and moved on at that point. Months later, she met Baier, and the two established a relationship. For the first several months of dating, Portwood chose to keep Baier a secret from fans. Then, at the end of last year, his identity was revealed. Still, she’s been fairly secretive about her relationship — at least when it comes to social media.

While Baier did film for Teen Mom OG, Portwood rarely shares photos of him on social media.

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