Did Big Sean Really Compare Ariana Grande To His Ex?

Big Sean Compares Ariana Grande And Naya Rivera

Big Sean has been very open about his relationship with pop superstar Ariana Grande, but was he a little too open when he compared his latest love with his ex-fiance, Naya Rivera?

With the release of his latest album, Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean has been making the rounds completing interviews and promoting his new work.

In an interview with Power 107.5 as seen on My Columbus Power, Big Sean spoke with radio hosts Big Bink and Misty Jordan about what his current relationship and his past relationship had in common. According to Big Sean, his two loves do have one thing in common; they’re both “regular girls.”

According to the Global Grind, Big Sean compared Ariana and Naya saying, “They are regular girls. They’re still regular. They have the same personalities. It’s just their profession.”

While he didn’t expand on their similarities any more than that, he did speak openly about his ex-fiance, Naya, who is now married and made a very important announcement around the time of Big Sean’s album release.

When asked if he thought Naya was trying to steal his spotlight by announcing her pregnancy around the same time that he released Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean said, “Nah, I didn’t even notice for a long time. I don’t think it affected anything, you know?”

Big Sean added, “It’s all good. It’s no hard feelings. I wish the best for her for sure.”

The “Blessings” rapper, who is currently on tour, also talked about his relationship with Ariana. Big Sean gushed over his love interest and just how they met.

Big Sean told Big Bink and Misty Jordan, “I met her a few years ago, a long time ago, at Wango Tango for a radio show, before she even put her first song out. She was a fan of mine! She came up to me and was rapping a song I have called “Gang Bang” with Wiz Khalifa. She was cool, man. I kept seeing her, and was like, ‘I keep running into you,’ and she was like ‘yeah, I know.’ We just started kicking it. We were really friends for a year, really.”

Big Sean has big things on the horizon. With his latest album being released to rave reviews and a very happy relationship with “Bang Bang” songstress, Ariana, it appears that things can only go up from here for Kanye’s protege, Big Sean.

[Photo Courtesy of Steve Jennings/Getty Images]