20-Inch Waist: Model Has Worn A Corset Every Day For 23 Hours For Six Years, Doctors Warn Of Serious Damage

Aleira Avendano has revealed that her 20-inch waist has been achieved by wearing a corset for 23 hours a day over a six year period.

Avendano, who works as a model and hails for Caracas, Venezuela, has even called her corset her “second skin. She admitted that she is completely obsessed with both corsets and belts.

However, despite achieving a tiny frame utilizing these belts on a regular basis, doctors have insisted that Avendano is seriously risking her health by wearing these garments so regularly.

Avendano hasn’t listened to these warnings though, and she has now admitted, via the Daily Mail, that these corsets and belts are part of her everyday life.

“I am completely obsessed with belts and corsets — I even sleep with them on. I love the feeling of pressure and only take it off for an hour a day to rest and to wash myself.”

Doctors have previously warned Avendano, who also insists that she eats right and diets, that her constant corset wearing could have serious repercussions as she ages.


“In my medical opinion she should stop this immediately,” Dr. Andres Ruiz, who is Avendano’s doctor, declared. “Thank God she has not done any damage so far but she should stop before it’s too late. It happens because the floating ribs at the bottom of the rib cage are easier to mould — it’s definitely possible to achieve this waist without surgery.”

Avendano, 25, has also gone to other lengths to alter her body. As well as her shrinking frame, she has also enhanced her breasts to a 34DD. Because of her shape, Avendano admits that she is started at constantly.

“People stop what they’re doing and stare — everywhere I go I get attention. People shout at me in the street — they can’t believe that my figure is real.”

However, despite her addiction to the corset and belts, Avendano has admitted that it took some while to get used to wearing them.

“Wearing a corset took some getting used to,” she explained. “At first it was terrible and uncomfortable.”

Avendano was able to overcome these problems though, and she’s confessed that the original pain has now turned into pleasure, and it’s actually more irritating when she’s not wearing it.

“After a while it became a necessity and when I’m not wearing it my skin would itch. But it’s not pain – it’s more pleasure, I like the pleasure. I don’t feel a thing, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

[Image via the Mirror/Daily Record]