‘Destiny’: Xur’s Location And Exotic Goods For Weekend Of March 27, Something For Everyone

Destiny received another visit from Xûr, Agent of the Nine, on Friday. The mysterious vendor brought a nice bag of Exotic goodies with him this weekend for PlayStation and Xbox players. It contains top tier armor for all three Guardian classes plus one of the best Scout Rifles in the game and some nice upgrade options too.

Xûr can be found next to the Crucible Quartermaster in the Tower this weekend. Simply head straight towards the Vanguard hall after spawning in the tower and look against the wall on the left just before you run into the Quartermaster. Here’s where you can find him on the Tower map.

Destiny - Xur Location - Crucible Quartermaster (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Xûr and his items will only be available in Destiny through the morning of Sunday, March 29. As soon as the clock strikes 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT, he will be gone.

This is shaping up to be one of the better weeks for Destiny players seeking to purchase or upgrade Exotics with Xûr. The Ruin Wings, Achlyophage Symbiote, and Obsidian Mind are all top tier armor pieces that are must haves regardless of their stat roll, but two of the three actually have good to great rolls this week. Meanwhile, the MIDA Multi-Tool is one of the best Scout Rifles in the game and a great utility piece to add to any collection.

On the upgrade side, Hunters should check out the Crest of Alpha Lupi with its maxed 170 Intellect stat. Meanwhile, Titans will want to consider the Armamentarium upgrade with its high 156 Discipline stat that fits in perfectly with the armor’s main perk: the ability to carry two grenades. Warlocks get in on the game as well with the Apotheosis Veil and its 125 Discipline upgrade that is just a couple of points shy of the max.

Good thing Bungie is expanding the Vault space with the next Destiny update, right?

Here is what is available for sale and upgrade from Xûr this weekend. Thanks again to DestinyDB for the Exotic information below.

Exotic Gear on Sale

Type Cost
Ruin Wings Titan Boots 13 Strange Coins
Achlyophage Symbiote Hunter Helmet 13 Strange Coins
Obsidian Mind Warlock Helmet 13 Strange Coins
MIDA Multi-Tool Auto Rifle 23 Strange Coins
Exotic Shard Upgrade Material 7 Strange Coins
Exotic Engram Gauntlet Engram 23 Motes of Light


Weapons Glimmer + 1 Exotic Shard Armor Glimmer + 1 Exotic Shard
Bad Juju 7019 Achlyophage Symbiote 7177
The Last Word 7559 Crest of Alpha Lupi (Hunter) 7607
Thorn 7673 The Armamentarium 7649
Invective 7927 No Backup Plans 7759
Pocket Infinity 7309 Skull of Dire Ahamkara 7907
Thunderlord 7681 Apotheosis Veil 7013


Type Cost
Pulse Rifle Telemetry Basic Consumable x 5 1 Strange Coin
Hand Cannon Telemetry Basic Consumable x 5 1 Strange Coin
Fusion Rifle Telemetry Basic Consumable x 5 1 Strange Coin
Plasma Drive Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Emerald Coil Legendary Vehicle Upgrade 23 Strange Coins
Heavy Ammo Synthesis Ammo Synthesis 5-pack 1 Strange Coin

For those wondering what to get, here are a few helpful hints.

Destiny MIDA Multi-Tool (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

The MIDA Mult-Tool is a great all-around Scout Rifle with some nice features and perks. Its Impact rating is not as high as some other Scout Rifles but has a strong rate of fire and the best reload speed possible while also holding a healthy number of rounds. The Third Eye perk will keep your radar active while aiming down the sights, and the MIDA Multi-Tool perk will boost your Guardian’s speed and jump height.

Destiny Ruin Wings (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Ruin Wings is the Exotic gauntlets added with The Dark Below DLC that is a must get for either Titan sub-class. The main draw is the “Seeds of Ruin” perk that makes Heavy Ammo drop up to twice as frequently and contain more ammo when it does drop. There are dry spells, but increased use of Heavy Weapons makes these gauntlets a must buy no matter the stat. It also comes with a “Special Weapon Loader” perk that increases the reload speed of special weapons and the “Impact Induction” perk that reduces grenade cooldown when causing melee damage.

The 98 Strength stat roll is very average for the Ruin Wings. However, this stat really has nothing to do with the main “Seeds of Ruin” perk so they are very much worth the 13 Strange Coins for PVE even with a poor roll.

Destiny Achlyophage Symbiote (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Achlyophage Symbiote is a must for Gunslinger Hunters. It gives an extra shot to the Golden Gun with the “Last Man Standing” perk, which translates to four shots instead of three. That’s always useful in both PVP and PVE. Fastball will increase grenade throw distance, and Ashes to Asset will help replenish Super Energy with each grenade kill.

The 94 Discipline stat roll for the Achlyophage Symbiote is especially poor this week. It’s still worth the pickup for Hunters that don’t have one yet, just understand that you are probably going to have to come back to Xûr in the future for an upgrade.

Destiny Obsidian Mind

The Obsidian Mind helmet for Warlocks is a must have for Warlocks. The combination of the “Inverse Shadow” (more super energy from killing minions) and “Insatiable” (Nova Bomb kills reduce Nova Bomb killdown) perks will make your Warlock a Nova Bomb chucking machine. Pair this helmet up with the Soul Rip class talent and the Bad Juju’s “String of Curses” perk for even more damage.

This is only the second time that Xûr sells the Obsidian Mind and he came with a plum stat roll. The 71 Intellect / 66 Strength roll is very near the maximum, making this for sale item a worthy pick up for Destiny players looking to get the helmet the first time or to upgrade.

[Images via Bungie, Robert Cram YouTube]