Will Kate Middleton’s Second Child Dramatically Age The Duchess?

When Kate Middleton finally gives birth to a new baby this April, the little royal tyke will become a worldwide sensation before he can even crawl, but will princess or prince number two prove a right old handful for the Duchess and age her dramatically?

Today Kate Middleton is making her final official appearance before she rests up in preparation for her due date, and it’s not before time. Even her most hardcore fans would admit that the hard-working Kate Middleton has been looking a little bit weary of late. The stress and strain of being heavily pregnant while being a full-time mum to baby George, and holding down a full-time job as one of the most popular, caring and glamorous looking royals, is bound to take its toll.

Only in February, various media outlets “grey shamed” Kate Middleton, and pointed out on their front pages, with gratuitous pics, that Kate’s elegant half-updo and bouncy chestnut tresses were streaked with grey.

What did they expect, one wonders? Kate is a full-time mum who is undoubtably very hands-on when it comes to changing Prince George’s dirty nappies, preparing his meals, washing his clothes, and teaching him how to conduct himself like a royal.

Now just imagine being chained to the kitchen sink and getting your hands dirty with all the mundane mess and domestic slog that is part and parcel of being a mum, all while you’re heavily pregnant with your second child.

And then add to the equation if you will, the regal chore of jetting around the world to meet minor celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay-Z, and then being back in time to visit some school or other. It’s an endurance-sapping existence, and if Kate ends up with a few salt and pepper streaks in her hair, is it any wonder? Give the poor girl a break.

One must remember that Kate Middleton wasn’t born into the royal way of life, she was a lowly commoner by birth, and like mum Carole she’s a go getter and independent lady, who in common with similar working class types, likes to do everything herself rather than rely on the hordes of royal servants, butlers, chefs, and nannies to cater to her every whim.

Likewise, Prince William also has seen his share of soiled nappies and sleepless nights, but with helicopters to fly, elephants to save, and now that Prince Harry has left the army, a “difficult” young brother to look after, will the heir to the throne be afforded the luxury to be so hands-on with baby number two?

Kate may have mom Carole on hand to help her out when the new little royal pops out, but one fears that Kate will be left with the lion’s share of baby duties, whilst entertaining Prince George.

As many mothers know, looking after a toddler and a new-born at the same time is a hugely demanding task. And if Kate Middleton is in effect a single mom, with all the struggles that such an existence entails, then the first thing to suffer will undoubtably be the Duchess’s looks.

Trying to juggle sleepless nights, a baby screaming, a toddler’s demands, the housework, and prepare the evening meals for Will doesn’t leave a lot of time for looking glamorous. In fact, if one’s not careful, it can make one look frightfully haggard and haunted.

The Duchess must tread carefully, because after the initial fanfare and celebratory mood of welcoming a newborn into the world has vanished like yesterday’s dirty nappy, and the gritty end of things begins, a few grey hairs may be the least of Kate’s problems.