16-Year-Old Surfer Shocked To Discover Dead Body In The Ocean

A thorough search of the waters near Palm Beach off the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, was initiated by police on Friday after a 16-year-old surfer discovered a dead body while out enjoying the waves.

A spokesperson for Queensland police told reporters about the incident, “A 16-year-old boy was surfing with friends, he caught a wave and as he’s come up and he’s touched something which felt like hair. He then grabbed at the item and when he pulled up the item he saw the face of someone at which point he panicked, let go of the body and returned to shore. He later returned to the water with a friend to try and find the body but they couldn’t locate it and contacted police around 8.30 this morning.”

At the same time, Gold Coast Water Police Senior Sergeant Gavin Peachey also spoke to reporters about the gruesome discovery, saying, “That’s what he [the surfer] believes — there’s nothing to confirm that at the moment.”

For the time being, it is not clear whether the dead man was killed or committed suicide, although abandoned items of clothing were found on the beach nearby, including a Maktec by Makita hat and a white Volcan t-shirt.

Nevertheless, those abandoned clothes were later connected to a person who had been on the beach and not to the dead man found by the surfer.

While a search by land and air continues, the water search has been suspended for now, as the Queensland police spokesperson added, “Police will reassess tomorrow morning if they will continue the search, they’ll probably wait to see if they get reports of anyone missing. So far there are no reports to suggest someone is missing.”

The dead man was described as being in his 20s with dark hair. Anyone with any information has been asked to contact the police

[Image credit: raywhite.com]