What Are Tom Hanks’ Best Movies? He Recreated Some With James Corden

Tom Hanks is not an actor who has been type-cast over the years. He brings something different to every movie, and has a different story to tell each time. Whether it is voice work on Toy Story or playing difficult, heartbreaking roles on Forrest Gump, he has nailed it each and every time.

The question that many fans ask is what Tom's best movies are. There are certainly plenty to choose between, and Huffington Post shared that he had done a seven-minute clip to recreate some of the best. There are plenty of moments fans watch and think "of course he was in that!" The clip for the skit said "every Tom Hanks movie" but there were certainly some missing. It was more like the best of the best.

Toy Story is certainly up there as one of the best movies Hanks has done. While it was a voice-over, there is no denying that he is Woody. This movie went on to hold the number one grossing animated movie from 1995 until 2013, when Frozen took over. It has spawned two sequels, a number of shorts and there is a fourth installment in the works. Just recently, a 20th anniversary logo was released to celebrate the success of the franchise.

However, the man has only won two Oscars. One of those was for Forrest Gump, which is certainly a fan favorite. The tale of the boy who became a man after fighting in Vietnam, playing ping pong, and deciding to run for days without stopping made its way into all hearts. Yahoo shared Carly Rae Jepsen's latest video, where Tom lip-syncs and spoofs a couple of moments from the fan-favorite movie.

The other Oscar came from Philadelphia, which continues to have importance to this day. Hanks plays a homosexual lawyer with AIDS, who is fired from his role. Believing that it is due to his disease, he tries to fight the firing and turns to a variety of lawyers to take his case. It shows the fear and discrimination against AIDS patients, which was ripe during the 1980s and early 1990s. The movie was inspired by real events, and remains to be one of Tom's best works.

There are certainly plenty of great movies out there. The skit below has the majority of his roles, re-enacted with James Corden. There may even be movies that fans had forgotten Tom Hanks was in.

[Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]