'Family Matters' Star Darius McCrary Arrested In Michigan -- Claims To Be On Par With Martin Luther King Jr.

Matthew Silbernagel

On Wednesday, actor Darius McCrary was arrested in Michigan after allegedly failing to pay court-ordered child support. Upon his release, McCrary tweeted out a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being arrested with the caption "If they did it to Dr. King...Who am I?"

While McCrary did not play Family Matters' most endearing character, McCrary's character Eddie Winslow had his fair share of air time. The sitcom's regular focus on Eddie Winslow included an episode where Eddie finds himself arrested for what turned out to be an instance of racial profiling by the fictional arresting officers.

Winslow Arrested McCrary now feels that his real life legal turmoil revolves around a similar racial motivation. As previously mentioned, McCrary was arrested and jailed for a short period of time Wednesday, March 25 for failure to pay $5,500 in back child support, according to WENN.

While arrests for failure to pay child support is unfortunately a rather common occurrence, McCrary seemingly feels that he is more a victim of a biased "system" than a delinquent father.

As indicated in the above copied tweet from McCrary's Twitter profile, McCrary makes the argument that arresting him for failure to pay child support is really nothing more than an attempt to unfairly penalize him for being African American. McCrary elaborated on his tweet in a reply to a comment in which he stated,

"It's not only made 2 Destroy US (BlackMen) it's made 2 keep families separated."

Some onlookers may be quick to point out, however, that comparing his arrest for failure to pay child support to the the infamous arrest of Dr. King is perhaps a tad bit extreme on McCrary's part. Despite such potential criticism, McCrary seems confident in his assertion that his arrest is equatable to that of Dr. King's in that they both stem from institutional racism.

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