GTA V: Rockstar Reminds PC Players That They Have Until The End Of The Month To Earn A Secondary Pre-Order Bonus

Anyone that pre-orders the upcoming PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will receive a bonus reward of in-game cash in the amount of $500,000 for the single-player and $700,000 to spend in the game’s multiplayer mode. These bonuses are available to everyone that purchases GTA V on PC ahead of launch, regardless of what retail outlet they acquired the game from.

However, Rockstar Games reminded fans from their official Twitter account that they only have until next Tuesday to qualify for an additional bonus if they pre-order the PC edition of GTA V directly from the Rockstar Warehouse before March 31. PC gamers who buy Grand Theft Auto V from the developer’s store before the end of the month will be credited with an additional $300,000 to spend within GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V

This extra bonus is being offered in addition to the base GTA V pre-order rewards that are already available to everyone that pre-orders the game on PC. That means that gamers who purchase their PC copy of Grand Theft Auto V directly from the Rockstar Warehouse in March will receive an even $1 million of in-game money for use within the series’ new online mode.

This will help give GTA V players an initial boost so that they can make large purchases, such as vehicles and properties to own. Specifically, the bonus cash will allow players to instantly buy a high-end apartment. Grand Theft Auto V users are required to own one of these expensive properties in order to host their own co-op heist missions. Therefore, the pre-order bonus money will help PC players plan their own online heists as soon as they reach the prerequisite in-game rank.

Grand Theft Auto V

Like the recent next-gen console editions of Grand Theft Auto V, which launched late last year, the upcoming PC edition of GTA V will feature many improvements over the game’s original last-gen versions. PC gamers can expect to experience better visuals, increased traffic, and improved outdoor foliage. GTA V on PC is also getting a brand-new radio station that will feature new tracks from a variety of genres.

Existing Grand Theft Auto V users who want to make the jump to the new PC version next month will also be able to transfer their online progress over to the new platform. Console players can move their GTA Online profile to the PC version, even if they have previously already transferred their character between console generations. A previous report form the Inquisitr provided additional details on how gamers will be able to transfer their GTA Online stats to PC.

Will the extra pre-order bonus entice you to pick up the PC edition of GTA V from the Rockstar Warehouse, or would you prefer to purchase the game from the retailer of your choosing?

[Images via Rockstar Games]