Big Mac Fashion Line: A Redundant McDonald’s Burger McWalks All Over Sweden

Big Mac Fashion Line

The Big Mac fashion line is not a cheesy joke, folks. The Big Mac is going to be redundantly spread on a white background on dog’s coats, people’s coats, and thermal underwear. If that isn’t enough, you can wallpaper your house in the Big Mac pattern, but only if you live in Sweden.

Big Mac Wallpaper

Yes, that’s right. The new Big Mac Shop fashion line is strictly limited to Sweden at present, according to MSN. While the Swedish can enjoy Big Mac sheets, bedding, and even Big Mac Wellington boots, everyone else on the planet is stuck with actual Big Macs that look nothing like the Big Macs printed all over its fashion line.

McDonald’s eye-catching identical items were introduced to Sweden on Tuesday in Stockholm at the “McWalk” fashion show. Proceeds from the Big Mac fashion line will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities, according to the Examiner.

The Swedish Ski Team proudly wore the dizzying-print Big Mac thermal underwear for an advertisement, which you can enjoy watching below.

It’s all a part of McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It 24” marketing campaign. The global campaign showcased 24 McDonald’s-themed events in 24 cities over 24 hours. It’s caught a lot of attention all over the world, and the recent act in Sweden wasn’t the first of the series of events.

Madrid recently got a chance to put together a huge jigsaw puzzle which, of course, was a giant Big Mac. Manila received a tollbooth which gave free McDonald’s food to hungry drivers.

Not all people may be crazy for McDonald’s latest stunt. For the folks in Sweden, it might be important to get the opinion of a landlord or others who live in the house before going crazy with that Big Mac wallpaper as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Desperate McDonald’s fans from the United States tried to order some Big Mac fashion items from the online Big Mac Shop online, but their orders were quickly rejected. The shop will only ship to Sweden, no matter how many times a person tries to ship it overseas.

Perhaps it’s all good and well, anyway. The shop lists its Big Mac Wellington boots, raincoats, and dog coats as “coming soon.” It won’t be long before the rest of the Big Mac fashion line is just a part of McDonald’s “international store opening soon.”

[Photos by McDonald’s]