‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What’s In Store For Callie And Arizona? [Spoilers]

Grey's Anatomy spoilers

While everyone is wondering if Derek cheated on Meredith, some fans of Grey’s Anatomy are wondering what will happen with Callie and Arizona. As we know, the couple have been separated, and in recent episodes, Callie has been trying to get up on the horse and start dating again. That said, they’ve both shared some sweet moments as they have both supported each other despite not being together.

In an earlier episode, we saw Callie grow concerned that Arizona was growing too close to Dr. Herman in the midst of Dr. Herman’s devastating brain tumor. When Arizona finally broke down about the immense pressure she was feeling without her mentor, it was Callie that gave her some perspective and confidence to move on as a doctor without Dr. Herman if she needed to.

As for Callie, we’ve seen Arizona struggle with the fact that her ex is seeing other people. Last week’s episode, Arizona warned Callie that the woman she went on a date with was one of her crazy exes that she had went out with. In the end, the two shared a laugh at how they dated the same woman, and went their own separate ways. It was a lighthearted scene which was a nice change for the two, who have been at odds with each other since Arizona lost her leg in the horrible plane accident.

That plane accident might be brought up once again, as it’s responsible for Mark Sloan’s death. As we know, Sloan is the father of Callie and Arizona’s baby. This week Callie will return a wedding gift that her dear friend Mark gave to the couple, which will hit a nerve with Arizona.

Actress Jessica Capshaw gave Entertainment Weekly some perspective on where they stand right now. “It’s baby steps towards being in a relationship that’s full of mutual respect, kindness, generosity, love and partners in sharing a child.”

She continued, “When this incident comes up, there’s actually something else to deal with, so they go back to having to relate to each other in the way that they used to, but they’re trying to be super civil, sweet and kind.”

As for whether or not Callie and Arizona are done for good, no one really knows, but Capshaw said, “I just feel like it’s been a real natural progression. I don’t know.”

“Only because they had to go through so much to make that decision to be apart, it’s so hard to think about them being together. They’re just getting to the point where that’s all good. I would feel bad if they then took steps backwards and ended up in a relationship that was super challenging. Everyone longs for the beginning, I get that, you want them to go back to the beginning, but you can’t do that with anything in life.”

As for Arizona getting out there and dating, that’s up in the air as well.

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