Bill Nye: My Book's Subtitle Might As Well Be 'If You Don't Believe In Global Warming, You're A F****in' Idiot'

Bill Nye is known for his strong opinions on science education. He has, in particular, given voice to the dangers of teaching children that evolution is not an explanation for the origins of human life. His recent book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, addressed this. It was based heavily off his famed debate with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham. Now, he's working on a new book, and what he's said about an unwritten subtitle will make science lovers cheer and global warming deniers jeer.

This week, Bill Nye appeared, as he frequently does, on Neil deGrasse Tyson's Star Talk Radio. Though the episode focused on Elon Musk and his contributions to science and society, the hosts opened with a mention of Nye's upcoming book on climate change.

The pair had the following exchange.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: "Do you know what [the new book]'s going to be called?"

Bill Nye: "Unbounded."

Tyson: "Subtitle -- 'You're A Fr**kin' Idiot If You Don't Believe In Climate Change.'"

Nye: "It might as well be."

If there was any doubt the Science Guy plans to take a hard line on climate change deniers in this book, he just eliminated it.

As a science education advocate, and a scientifically literate person in America in 2015, Bill Nye has spoken about climate change, and about the dangers of trying to pretend it away, before. It's clear that it has especially been on his mind lately, though. Of course, it's early spring, and when snow and cold weather continues into spring, it's often used as "evidence" that the Earth's climate isn't changing. Bill Inhofe's most recent gaffe, in which he attempted to use the existence of a snowball to disprove climate change, is an excellent example.

Bill Nye griped about climate denial -- or rather, climate silence -- on his Twitter account less than a week ago.

In his chat with Tyson, he added more, mentioning Rick Scott and the tales that suggest he has actually banned the term "climate change" and the notion of sea levels rising from being mentioned by Environmental Protection officials.
"What's going to happen? The states of Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama are going to build fences?"
There's no publication date yet promised for Unbound (with or without the more colorful subtitle) but you can find Undeniable here.

[Photo Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images]