‘The Big Bang Theory’: Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez To Guest Star? Jim Parsons Hopes So

Jim Parsons has revealed that he’d love for Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez to guest star on The Big Bang Theory, and he’s even figured out the characters that the duo can play too.

Parsons, who worked alongside the two singers on Home, made this revelation to E! Online, via Mid-day. The 42-year-old actor admitted that he’d love for Rihanna to play a “nuclear physicist” on the much-loved CBS sitcom, while he also believes that Lopez would excel portraying a “wonderful professor.”

Parsons, who made his comments while at the premiere of Home, was so enthused by his hypothetical casting that he erupted, “Oh my God, could you imagine?”

Parsons believes that Rihanna could easily play a nuclear physicist on The Big Bang Theory. However his one worry is, “Would she be willing?”

But Parsons was quick to get an answer to his question, as Rihanna was also probed about possibly starring on The Big Bang Theory while on Home’s red carpet.

“Hell, yeah!” she proclaimed when asked about starring in the sitcom. “He told you that? Tell him I’m in.”

Meanwhile, Parsons believes that Jennifer Lopez could shake-up her image be appearing on The Big Bang Theory as a professor.

“You know what I mean?” he added. “Now, that’s perfect casting. That’s a way to shake up an image.”

Just like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez was ecstatic about the possibility of starring on The Big Bang Theory, and she said that the idea was “great.”

Lopez believes that she would be able adjust to the program too, explaining, “I love wearing glasses… Why not? I can do anything. I can be anything.”

This isn’t the first time that Jim Parsons has found himself discussing potential casting options for The Big Bang Theory while promoting Home.

Earlier this week Parsons, who has portrayed Dr. Sheldon Cooper throughout the sitcom’s tenure, admitted that he’d love for Lisa Kudrow to guest star on The Big Bang Theory.

“I’ve always thought about [Kudrow] for the show. I don’t know in what part. I’ll leave that to the writers, but I just am a big fan of hers and I would love them to have her on.”

It has previously been teased that Lisa Kudrow was in line to play Penny’s mother on The Big Bang Theory, with Kaley Cuoco admitting that she’d love to see the Friends actor portray her on-screen mother.

[Image via Star News Online]