Missouri Teacher Had Sex With Student On School Bus, Police Claim

Missouri teacher Megan Blair Baker has been accused of having sex with a student on a school bus. The teen boy allegedly braggd about the encounters to his pals on the wrestling team. Baker, 25, is a teacher at Sherwood Cass High School in Urich, Missouri.

Megan Baker was believed to be married when she allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old high school wrestler and student on a school bus in January. Baker, who is also a wrestling coach, was suspended from Sherwood Cass High School and was placed on paid leave pending an investigation into the sex allegations. The Missouri teacher was arrested and is currently out of jail on a $7,500 bond. If convicted, Baker could face up to four years in prison.

sherwood cass high school
Sherwood Cass High School teacher Megan Blair Baker was arrested for allegedly having sex with a student on a school bus.

The father of the wrestler who allegedly had sex with Sherwood Cass High School teacher Megan Blair Baker, reported the incident to the Cass County, Missouri police in February. A grand jury indicted the school teacher on March 20.

Mike Hawkins, a Creighton resident, had this to say about the teacher having sex with a student allegations.

“It’s like the law says, a student and teacher is a no-no. They were going out long before his mom found out.”

Linda Aldin, the parent of a Sherwood Cass High School student, said, “We heard it happened on a school bus and the boy was openly bragging about it. He was telling everyone he had sex with the woman. It really shocked us. I never dreamed that it [sex with a teacher] would happen at our school.”

A statement from the Sherwood Cass High School Missouri district about the Megan Blair Baker allegations posted on Facebook reads as follows.


“Allegations involving staff misconduct have recently been brought to our attention. Although the district is prohibited from publicly discussing matters involving identifiable students and/or staff, it wants to assure its patrons and the public that ensuring the safety and security of its students is its highest priority. The district is committed to take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of our students and will continue to do so. The district takes all allegations of staff misconduct seriously, and when such allegations are involved, it is standard procedure to place the involved staff on paid administrative leave pending any investigation. The district is committed to investigating such allegations promptly and thoroughly, and consistent with adopted board policies that govern staff conduct and provide procedures for the investigation of such allegations.”

Tim Gallagher, the superintendent for the Missouri school district which include Sherwood Cass High School, said that Megan Baker was placed on paid administrative leave just 30 minutes after district officials were informed of the sex with a student charges levied against the educator.

“We have a wonderful community filled with great teachers and kids. I’m very proud to be the superintendent of this community,” superintendent Tim Gallagher added.

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