The Backstreet Boys Gear Up To Continue Their ‘In A World Like This’ Tour

The Backstreet Boys have been back for quite a while, working to make a true comeback. After all of the surprises the band gifted their fans in 2014, the Backstreet Boys are planning to perform all around the world in the second round of their “In A World Like This” tour, beginning this spring.

The band first began its re-emergence into the spotlight in 2013. In 2014, the band released a documentary called Show Em What You’re Made Of, highlighting their 90s prime, when the band reportedly sold 130 million records. recently, the Backstreet Boys deemed themselves the “biggest band in the world.” Now, a year of touring, Backstreet Boys will pre-game by performing a non-tour related show in Asia.

In April, the Backstreet Boys are booked to perform in Beijing, China, at the MasterCard Center. It will be only the third time that the band has performed in the city. Their first performance in Beijing was in 2006, and the most recent was in 2013 when the band toured with New Kids On The Block.

Australia is also on the Backstreet Boys’ radar this spring, as member AJ McLean mentioned in an interview. The band will perform in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane this May, according to FDRMX. AJ McLean has recently dished details about the “In A World Like This” tour. When asked what the band will sing at the during tour, AJ revealed that the Backstreet Boys plan to honor their fans.

“Well the original setlist for the show was three hours long. There was no way. We have to do the hits. If I go see Prince and he doesn’t do ‘Little Red Corvette’ or ‘When Doves Cry’ I’d be really upset. Our fans want to see the hits. But they also want to hear something new. We’ve got a healthy balance. We bring back some of the old dance moves and there’s some new dance moves.”

Whether or not the Backstreet boys will give a performance like Prince is unknown, but the band reportedly plans to work very hard trying. The “In A World Like This” tour will include 157 shows, for which the Backstreet Boys will also travel to Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East. In 2014, the “In A World Like This” tour reportedly brought in $30 million. The band’s opening talent includes DJ Pauly D from the hit reality show “Jersey Shore,” as well as Jesse McCartney and Avril Lavigne.

The Backstreet Boys’ “In A World Like This” tour will finish in June, 2015.

[Image via MTV]