Mashable Acquires Blippr

It’s all happening at Mashable at the moment. Fresh off a new site design and deal with Disqus, the popular social media blog has acquired micro-reviews site Blippr.

Blippr allows users to “discover, talk about, and organize great apps, books, games, movies, and music.” Users rank the service or product as I love it, I like it, I dislike it or I hate it, and leave a short text review. Users can export their preferences and reviews from Blippr to social services including FriendFeed and Facebook.

As well as maintaining Blippr as a standalone site, Mashable has integrated the review side into Mashable itself. Pete Cashmore writes:

Our first integration of blippr’s service is already live on Mashable, allowing you to submit a micro-review whenever we mention the name of a social media site. So words like Twitter, FriendFeed and MySpace now appear with a “face” icon next to them indicating the community’s rating of that site when you hover over it, and letting you submit your own rating. You can then syndicate your review to Twitter, FriendFeed and other social services. This is the easiest way to get started with blippr, and we’d love for you to create a micro-review today.

I’ve not used the service before, but I have regularly seen it pop up on FriendFeed. A smart buy, and it bides Mashable well going forward.