Amber Rose Takes New Photos Of Semi-Nude Beach Body

Amber Rose’s new pictures leave very little for the imagination. While grabbing loads of attention, Rose lets the sun kiss her skin on a Hawaiian beach.

Rose has gone from leaked photos to publishing them herself. In a post or two from her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Amber has mentioned purposely leaking pics of herself before hackers would get the chance to do it. Likewise, Rose has insinuated that she doesn’t want to give them the pleasure, much like her hacking misfortune from last year.

Well, it seems that Amber’s in Maui, Hawaii, to do a photo shoot for her new book, How to Be a Bad B***h. From the title, this may be an autobiography of some sort. However, that’s only speculation.

Amber Rose Tweets About Shooting The Cover Of Her New Book - 'How To Be A Bad B---h'
Credits: Amber Rose | Twitter

Nevertheless, while there, she decided to do a personal shoot of her own on a public beach. As a possible promotion for the book, she gives a visual image or two of her book’s title.

Aside from the hacking incident, Amber Rose is known for her almost-XXX moments. She likes to capture and flaunt them, so it seems. As can be seen from her tweets below, you can see that Amber’s photos show her beach body in full view from a couple of angles.

Now, from which retailer those “groceries” come, that is yet to be determined. However, it’s an interesting discussion in forums.

Relevantly, could it be a possibility that Rose is attempting to catch someone’s attention by peacocking?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Urban Dictionary defines “peacocking” as “dressing for attention.” Generally, this term is reserved for males, especially since the male peacock has all the beautiful colors. It struts and shows off for females in order to gain their attentions when looking for a suitable mate.

However, in Amber’s photos, it’s the opposite because men typically like less clothing and more skin, no? Whatever the case, Rose knows how to grab viewers’ attentions, even if for a short time.

What are your thoughts on Amber’s new pics? Also, do you think her book will reveal some hidden truths about past relationships? How do you feel about Rose’s lifestyle?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Amber Rose | Instagram]